Saturday, March 18, 2023

Regardless of Trump's Threats There Will Be Accountability

Huddled in a corner in a faux Oval Office in Mar-a-Largo a desperate criminal is crying out.

Coup Coup Trump is sending out the call to his minions that it's time for a "regime change" today after posting on his ironically named Truth Social that he will be arrested next Tuesday.

He knows he's going to be criminally indicted for his handling of a hush-money payment during his 2016 presidential campaign.

What prompted Trump's prediction of a Tuesday indictment is questionable. 

Was there a leak from the Manhattan Attorney's office? 

Were Trump's lawyers informed that Tuesday would be Donny's Big Adventure and they told their client?

Or is this just Trump's preemptive attempt to rally his minions and make sure their frothing properly by next week?

One thing is for sure. Trump is ready to attack America, democracy, and the rule of law. Right now.

Local authorities are preparing for the worst when Trump has to come to a federal building to get fingerprinted and his mug shot taken for posterity. I hear there's already bids going out to get the first copy of that photo session.

The response from McCarthy's merry band of morons in the House has been predictable. "The justice system is politically motivated," the MAGA lawmakers whined to their mindless base.

One of the most hypocritical cowards among Republicans (he's right there with McCarthy), Mike Pence told the extreme right media outlet Breitbart that, "It (the upcoming indictment) reeks of the kind of political prosecution that we endured back in the day of the Russian hoax and the whole impeachment over a phone call."

But as we all know now it wasn't a hoax. Mueller's investigation was strangled by Trump's corrupt AG Bill Barr.

No one put the current situation better than Rep. Eric Swalwell when he tweeted (in response to McCarthy promising to investigate Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg), "The guy who created a committee to look into 'weaponization of government' is using his powers in government to stop an independent prosecution of his boss."

With those seditionist lawmakers and the mindless minions of his cult Trump is declaring war on democracy and the rule of law in a desperate attempt to avoid justice and accountability.

Anyone with an IQ over 100 knows that. 

When the dam bursts with this first criminal indictment of the former president others will be following in the months ahead. 

As it stands, somehow in all of the chaos caused by the most corrupt president in US history there will be accountability. Regardless of Trump's threats.

Friday, March 17, 2023

The Time Fox News Was 'Out Foxed' By a Veteran Group

Fox News has been polluting military bases for years with lies and hard-right propaganda. 

The rise of military personnel going MAGA is alarming. There were even active-duty military veterans storming the Capitol on Jan.6.

Now a group of military veterans are doing something about the poison being spread by Fox hosts to the country's military personnel and their families.

At first the group, VoteVets, tried to run an ad on Fox but were roundly rejected. That didn't deter them however as they went around Fox and talked directly to the military about running the ad.

VoteVets went to the military's Morale, Welfare, and Recreation department which is responsible for providing services and activities to support the well-being of military personnel and their families.

Many military bases have their own cable TV systems, typically run by the military. The ad is going to run on those bases. It calls for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham to be removed from military installation TVs. The ad will run during those three hosts broadcasts.

In other words, Fox was out foxed by a group of veterans.

According to VoteVets, "Fox host's lies and disinformation splits the ranks, hurts cohesion, and weakens American's national defense. They must be removed from all TVs on military installations NOW."

Kudos to my fellow veterans!

As it stands, it's great to see pushback against the Republican propaganda machine. It takes these kinds of efforts to combat the enemy within and protect democracy.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Here's a Novel Idea: States Banning Political Parties

In another episode of Romper Room politics from Florida a GOP legislator wants to ban the Democratic Party from the state.


Right-wing state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia filed a bill to cancel the Democratic party recently. This comes after proposing fining bloggers for speaking bad about DeSantis and his minions.

Both of the bills are nothing more than a publicity stunt. Ingoglia admitted the bill was designed to get back at Democrats and "leftist activists" who he claimed have been trying to cancel people and companies for things they said or did in the past.

Fittingly the bill - SB 1248 - is called The Ultimate Cancel Act.

If passed the bill would require Florida officials to notify all registered voters who are Democrats that their party no longer exists in the state. 

Any sane person knows that disenfranchising five million voters is lunacy and unconstitutional. But it's red meat (pun intended) for MAGA maggots across the country.

Don't be surprised if you see other states with a Republican majority legislature introduce the same ridiculous attempt to own the libs.

Remember... it's all about theatrics in the hard right-wing cult that claims to be the Republican party.

As it stands, Florida has turned into a training ground for fascists under DeSantis.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Take Your Pick: 'Patriots Row' or 'Seditionist Square?'

          There goes the neighborhood.

According to US House member Jaime Raskin, ...there's a massive real-estate coming-out party for the extreme right going on in Washington DC."

A conservative nonprofit led by Mark (Spineless) Meadows - The Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) - has been quietly going on a shopping spree that added up to 41 million for four commercial properties along a single Pennsylvania Avenue block.

CPI said the goal is to be a "platform" for the "conservative movement." 

A quick note about CPI; the organization has promoted MAGA stars like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. It's stocked with election deniers and seditionists.

True to form CPI remained unknown to most of the sellers. I suspect they knew if they were associated with the radical nonprofit front, they might have a hard time acquiring the properties.

So, they did what most corrupt organizations (think Trump Crime Family) do, they set up shell companies with names like Clear Plains Holding, Brunswick Partners, Houston Group, Newpoint and Pennsylvania Avenue Holdings.

Do you love irony? I do.

Here's a dose for you.

This troll driven organization's transformation of prime real estate into a campus is being called Patriots' Row.

I like Rep. Raskin's suggestion of Seditionist Square. It certainly seems more fitting.

Just look at one of the numerous grants CPI has doled out. It went to former Trump advisor and Nazi, Stephen Miller, who leads America First Legal which got $1.3 million from CPI in 2021.

Ready for some more irony?

America First Legal bills itself as a check on "lawless" executive actions and the "Radical Left." 

Election denier attorney Cleta Mitchell runs the organization's "Election Integrity Network," which has cast doubt on the validity of President Biden's 2020 victory.

One more ironic thing and I'll stop.

For decades Republicans have referred to Washington DC as the "swamp" and a liberal stronghold for snowflakes.

Yet here we are, watching the extreme hard-right MAGA morons set up camp in the middle of the swamp

As it stands, I like Rep. Raskins suggestion, "Maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene can be their advisory neighborhood commissioner!"

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A Look at Real World Reality Shows

      Since reality shows became popular

50 years ago, their format has had few changes. The interesting part of this form of TV entertainment is that it operates on the fake premise of real unscripted dialogue and scenes.

The fact of the matter is all reality shows are scripted, regardless of what the producers would have us believe. 

What happens is viewers suspend their disbelief and pour themselves into other people's dramatic lives because it's more fun than reality. Viewers become personally involved with the cast's challenges.

In the Real World

We have a political party that stages reality shows daily. MAGA supporters thrive on the lies and misinformation coming from hard right GOP forums put on by insurrectionist lawmakers and activists.

The leading clown for these real-world shows is our former twice impeached president and traitor Donald Trump.

He just put on a performance in Iowa where he sliced and diced what was really happening in the world and served up blatant lies and racist tropes to his eager audience.

It helps to understand that the far-right followers who enjoy these real-world shows aren't interesting in facts... they're just looking to be titillated and infuriated by performers.

Unlike the reality shows on TV where viewers step away after each episode and go on with their lives, the MAGA community lives in a perpetual state of foul fantasies. The show never ends for them.

If I were to use three words describing our society today, they would be Denial of Reality.

Americans are still shell-shocked by the pandemic and years of Trump's corrupt regime where fake news was a mantra for domestic terrorists and MAGA morons. It still is.

It's understandable that millions of people want to escape the reality around them, it's pretty grim at times.

The difference between the reality shows on TV and the MAGA shows in everyday life is you can turn off the TV if you don't like an episode, but there's no way you can turn off the daily performances by right-wingers attacking democracy.

As it stands, it's okay to watch a TV show and suspend reality for the sake of entertainment, but when you suspend reality in the real-world bad things can happen.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Banks Collapse: Trump's Garden of Poison Seeds Showing Results

Malicious farmer Don the Con has been planting seditious seeds in America's garden since he slithered into office in 2017.

One of those seeds recently bore fruit when two banks collapsed last week. During a span of 48 hours the Silicon Vally Bank foundations crumbled sending shock waves through the United States and Europe.

The reason was clear. When Trump tore up the regulations for the banking industry, he opened pandora's box unleashing financial chaos in the country.

It was the largest failure of a US bank since Washington Mutual in 2008.

Once again President Biden is forced to deal with one of Trump's poison legacies. From mishandling COVID 19 to widespread government corruption, his administration has been putting out fires since day one.

One of the deadliest seeds was the Big Lie that continues to have violent consequences in our country today.   

Trump has cultivated the crazies that have sprung up in his garden since he first claimed an election was rigged (prior to the election) if he didn't win.

As the poison seeds sprout into grown plants the results are all challenges against democracy and our republic.

The Biden administration is doing its best to deal with the contents of Trump's MAGA garden, but it looks like there's a long road to hoe.

As it stands, even as Trump faces several criminal indictments, he's busy planting more poisons seeds that he hopes will sprout up before the 2024 presidential election.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Their Own Language: Republicans Employ Coded Words to Titillate Right-Wing Traitors

I recently read a fascinating article about how chimpanzees have their own language with almost 400 words.


It immediately brought to mind how MAGA minions have their own language, however it consists of less than 400 words.

One of the astonishing things about chimpanzee's vocal repertoire, when compared to other non-human animals, is the extreme flexibility in which they can combine their limited amount of signals/language into meaningful sentences.

The MAGA dictionary is a foul swamp of words that relies on one-word insults and lies. Stringing together sentences beyond four words is nearly impossible for right-wing lunatics. (Lock Her Up is a prime example)

Researchers report that human language evolved from a limited use of words much like the chimpanzees use. It's obvious that MAGA morons aren't able to advance in their discourse because they are living in a toxic bubble.

Right-wingers need to keep things simple.

Less words. Ignore reality. Project. Deny. Lie. Deep State. Wokeism. Rino. Snowflake. Misinformation. Groomers. Rumors. Brandon. Libtards... and a host of other coded words to stir up the sociopaths in our society.

Some may say, "Gee Dave, I don't know if I'm okay with comparing chimpanzees to right-wing Republicans... it's an insult to the monkeys!"

I apologize to those chimpanzees and humans who were offended by the comparison between MAGA minions and monkeys. 

As it stands, the country fast forwarded the clocks today, but right-wingers turned their clocks backwards.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...