Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Today's Subject: Where Should a Trump Library Be Located?


Pandemic Diary - Day 246

Dear Diary,

Today's post was inspired by Michael Beschloss, author, and Presidential Historian.

Yesterday he asked his numerous Twitter followers, "Where should the Trump Library be located?

Here's a collection of responses that are hilarious:

--"You mean Trump Presidential Library and Casino?"

--"The Four Seasons...Total Landscaping."

--"The Hague."

--On the Mexican side of the wall."

--"There are several options here:

1) Moscow (They already have all his important personal papers, so it would save time.)

2) Riyadh

3) Inside an abandoned coal mine in West Virginia

--"Obviously, it belongs at the site of the Bowling Green Massacre."

--Riker's Island Prison

Moving on...

I have a few suggestions for a Trump Library location:

--Why have it located in just one place when there could be a traveling display?

Like a Three-Ring Circus featuring clowns from his administration; interactive displays of bronzer makeup application; the Sharpie pen and map that the weather service was forced to show how Alabama was in the way of a hurricane - when it wasn't; and countless other artifacts that will disgust and entertain future generations.

--In the center of the Florida Everglades. Since Trump made the state his new residence after fleeing New York prosecutors, it's appropriate that his (bookless) Library be located in a swamp. 

--Across the street from Florida State Psychiatric Hospital - Port St. Lucie Hospital. It's also just a few hour drive to Trump's residence at Mar-A-Lago.

Quote for the Day; "This life's hard, but it's harder if your stupid." -George V. Higgins

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