Saturday, April 20, 2024

'Sleepy Joe' or 'Dozing Donny?' Whose Your Favorite Old Guy?

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentleman...

welcome to fight night in America!

Tonight's pugilists and presidential candidates are, "Dozing Donny" in the red corner representing the MAGA cult, and in the blue corner we have "Sleepy Joe" representing the majority of average Americans.

Referee: Okay gentleman I expect a clean fight (Trump breaks out in laughter) and no low blows! 

Round 1

Reporter: "The two men are slowly circling the ring uttering curses.

Two minutes later..."The two antagonists continue to circle the ring uttering curses.

"Just before the bell rang Sleepy Joe suddenly unleashed a combination of punches while Dozing Donny was ranting about windmills and whales. As he plodded back to his corner "Dozing Donny" complained the fight was fixed.

Round 2

Reporter: "Tired from circling around in the first round the two aging opponents stood to-to-toe and tried to keep their balance while throwing awkward punches at each other.

"At one point Dozing Donny threw a sloth like punch to Sleepy Joe's groin area causing him to take a step back and look at the referee for a call. When none came Sleepy Joe delivered his famous left-handed "Scranton Strike" to Dozing Donny's jaw.

It was enough to make Dozing Donny stumble over to his corner and cry to his trainer who was trying not to look disgusted."

Round 3

Reporter: Dozing Donny has refused to come out of his corner until Sleepy Joe agrees not to hit him in the face again. The referee went over to the judges, and they all are conferring about what to do.

"Meanwhile Dozing Donny has his IPad out and his calling his MAGA minions to save him from further punishment.

"Okay. Here comes the referee. He's going to the center of the ring and calling for the fighters to come over to him.

Referee: "It's legal to punch your opponent in the face. You should have known that before getting into the ring in the first place. Either keep fighting or slink off to your lair as a loser."

As Dozing Donny was being helped out of the ring he shouted, "You're going to hear from my lawyers." 

Post Fight Interview

Reporter: "So how do you feel about sending Dozing Donny back to his lair?"

Sleepy Joe: "What?"

Reporter: "How does it feel to win?"

Sleepy Joe: "It reminds me of that time I had to lay down the law on CornPop and threaten to drag him off the 3m diving board."

As it Stands, an injection of humor in these dire times is the best medicine.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Confused and Abused: Average Americans Don't Know What or Who to Believe In

The last decade has been a turning point in American society where traditional norms and truth have fallen alongside the wayside and chaos reigns supreme.

Factual information has been overwhelmed with misinformation and lies streaming from right-wing politicians and activists. 

The result is most Americans are confused, scared, and plain sick of the rampant hate spreading around the nation like a deadly cancer.

The country is facing fascist threats from Donald Trump's cult who want him to be a dictator. Right-wing extremist agendas are busy taking away women's rights and the rights of minorities and LGBTQ communities. 

The MAGA movement is a direct threat to our Constitutional Democracy and the freedoms it enshrines. Facts are clouded by conspiracies embraced by what use to be the Republican Party.

It's no wonder Americans are confused about what America really stands for these days. There are two competing narratives that have divided the country - one based in facts and history, and the other where neither applies to the alternate universe being created by Trump and his minions.

Demonstrating how confused people are right now you have two presidential candidates - one a former twice-impeached president, who has been charged with 88 felonies in four jurisdictions and is a convicted rapist who is currently in court for bribing a porn star days before the 2016 election - and the other a current president (Biden) who has no criminal history and has helped the economy make a huge comeback after a terrible pandemic.

Easy choice, right? Not so fast.

Believe it or not polls keep showing the two candidates tied and all predictions are it's going to be a close race. I don't understand how any sane person could pick Trump.

MAGA morons are abusing our judicial system and Congress with impunity. Trump gets away with fleecing his own followers and cheating at business and golfing. He loves Putin and is modeling himself after him. He's a traitor.

In this atmosphere the average American's rights are being abused daily at the state and federal levels by the orange faced domestic terrorist who is running for the presidency in November. 

Here's a terrifying thought. How many people won't even vote because they don't like either candidate? That is how Democracy dies. When a majority of Americans don't vote, bad things can happen.

As it Stands, do yourself a solid and thoroughly research articles and what people are claiming in real time to dispel any confusion you may have. 

Thursday, April 18, 2024

From Russia with Love: Marjorie Taylor Greene and GOP Right-Wingers Praised for Not Funding Ukraine

Russian State media can't get enough of Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

She's proven to be a superstar for actively stopping aid to Ukraine.

Her horsey-faced mug has become a regular feature on Russian TV. And the rest of the right-wing Putin-loving GOP members have willingly joined her in becoming traitors for Trump.

Some people in Congress on the Republican side realize what a cancer she is for the party and have retired early to avoid being associated with her toxic lies. 

House Republican Ken Buck, who recently retired from the House after being disgusted with how chaotic things in the House were went on CNN yesterday and called her "Moscow Marge" who is willingly helping the Russian's propaganda machine.

Two senior Republican lawmakers, the chairs of the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees, said their colleagues are echoing Russian state propaganda against Ukraine.

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, the chair for the Foreign Affairs committee acknowledged what has been clear for some time: "Russian propaganda has made its way into the United States, unfortunately, and it's infected a good chunk of the party's base." 

Republican Rep. Mike Turner, chair for the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN that anti-Ukraine messages from Russia are "Being uttered on the House floor."

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that some Republicans are admitting there's a traitorous connection between Russia and some Republican congressman.

The bad news is that they are not going to do a damn thing about it! It's still business as usual in the nut house where anti-American squirrels are sharing lies at an amazing rate.

What would have Republican saint Ronald Reagan have thought about that? His beloved party infiltrated by communists and their sympathizers.

As it Stands, I've quoted this before, and I'll probably quote it again, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." -POGO

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

GOP Governors Unite in Fight to Stop Unions in their States

Six Republican Governors have gathered to warn their residents against the evils of unionization which they claim would threaten their jobs and values.

The governors high-profile attempt to head off unionization in their states was spurred by The United Auto Workers (UAW) voting to unionize a Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga, Tennesse later this week.

The UAW is also targeting more than a dozen factories in the south as it attempts to break out of its Midwestern stronghold.

What the Republican governors are trying to do is to preserve their economic models built on relatively low pay and minimal worker voice according to Stephen Silva, a professor at America University.

So far Tennessee Republicans have thwarted two UAW attempts to unionize the VW factory in 2014 and 2019. They've been ramping up their opposition recently with news conferences and public statements.

Like everything these days, the whole issue is a political battle between Democrats and Republicans. In their joint statement the six governors wrote, 

"We have serious reservations that the UAW leadership can represent our values. They proudly call themselves democratic socialists and seem more focused on helping President Biden get reelected than on the autoworker jobs being cut at plants they already represent."

The governors of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas are united in their opposition to the UAW.

Democratic state senators in Tennessee criticized the Republican governors on social media this week.

"Autoworkers in the South are ready to make history this week. #StandUp, Chattanooga!" Sen. London Lamar posted. 

To put the six governor's action into prospective Silva, who has closely studied unionization in the South, called their statement "unprecedented and shocking" and it discouraged workers from exercising their legal right to organize.

As it Stands, the wealthy's war against the common man is still very much part of our chaotic society.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Truth Social: Betting on Ideology is Risky... Especially if it Involves Trump

Step right up folks and buy Trump's meme stock if you love the former president and rapist.

Don the Con's stock market debut with Truth Social is a blast from the past. Gullible people buying into another Trump scheme to fleece the masses. Remember Trump University? Not only did it fail but Trump was forced to pay $25 million to the victims.

At first the initial offering price of Truth Social (DJT) was about $50 dollars to a peak of $80 in late March. Since then, the share price has plummeted a staggering 68% to Tuesday's price at $25. 

Stock experts have warned people all along that DJT stock is nothing more than an illusion. A fairy tale story that isn't going to happen in the real world.

Trump's latest con is meeting financial reality according to Tyler Richey, an analyst at Sevens Report Research, during an interview with ABC. 

The only hope Trump has is if enough of his cult followers buy into his scam and the very real possibility their doing it to support him financially and don't care if they end up losing their investments.

However, "Truth Social is not attracting and holding users and it's not attracting significant advertising revenue," Jay Ritter, a professor of finance at the University of Florida told ABC news recently.

"Its current business model is a colossal failure," he concluded.

Investors just have to look at Trump's past business ventures where he ended up filing bankruptcy seven times.

Canny investors don't bet on ideology because it's too risky. But these are crazy times where a former president and insurrectionist indicted in four jurisdictions is the GOP nominee for president.

Anything could happen.

As it Stands, it remains to be seen if Trump supporters have any more money left to invest/donate in Trump's latest rip-off after being constantly dunned for over a year to pay his legal bills.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Trial Begins: What Are the Chances of Convicting a Former President of a Felony?

Once again, Don the Con is making history for all the wrong reasons.

No former president has ever been indicted for a felony and forced to go to trial.

Add eighty-eight felony charges in four jurisdictions and you have the most corrupt former president and current GOP candidate for the presidency in American history.

Trump's hush money trial is here. Jury selection has begun with a dour Trump listening to prospective jurors who may decide to throw him in jail with a guilty verdict.

The whole thing is a political spectacle like the public has never seen before. Legions of reporters from all over the world clustered around the courthouse like moths around a flame as the drama unfolded inside.

There are 6,000 prospective jurists who have been called up by the court and the long process of vetting them as begun under Trump's baleful gaze.

Publicity for this potentially weeks long trial has reached a fever pitch with the legacy media and right-wing outlets competing to flood American households. It'll be a war on truth. Facts versus lies. Reality versus an alternative universe.

The feeling I'm getting is there's a good chance Trump may elude justice. I've carefully followed what legal experts have been talking about in this trial of the century, and it looks like the prosecution is going to have a rough road to hoe.

There's always the possibility of a MAGA mole worming his/hers way on to the jury. Keep in mind that Trump's followers are a cult and there's no extremes that they won't take to defend him. One determined follower can stop justice from happening.

As it Stands, this is just one of four criminal trials Trump faces this year. The stakes couldn't be higher. It's Democracy versus Autocracy.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...