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American Propaganda Posters from WWII converted to Iraq War



See more artwork by Micah Wright

Micah Wright is an author who works in film, television, videogames and comic books. His best-selling book YOU Back The Attack! WE'LL Bomb Who We Want!, is a compilation of his Remixed War Propaganda. With introductions by Howard Zinn and Kurt Vonnegut, the book also contains commentary by the Center For Constitutional Rights.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Shinoda's giant curved plasma weighs less than your father's first laptop!

Is this TV big enough for you?


"We've been keeping an eye on Shinoda Plasma's curved PTA (plasma tube array) technology since 2007. What started as a single 43-inch prototype grew to 125-inches in 2008. Now, Shinoda is showing off a 145-inch diagonal prototype consisting of six PTA panels stitched together in a 2-meter x 3-meter matrix. The 960 x 720 pixel resolution might not impress you until you consider the weight: just 7.2-kg (15.8-pounds) thanks to the slim PTA panels measuring just 1-mm thick. Impressive compared to 108-inch LCDs that weigh in at 196-kg (430-pounds) and the original Osborne 1 "laptop" that weighed 24.5-pounds. With any luck, these giant displays will be commercialized for signage so we can all simulate crushing motions with two hands."

Wife Swap husband sues for emotional damages after gay show

by Daniel Farey-Jones, Brand Republic/UK

LONDON - A husband in 'Wife Swap' has turned on the show's makers RDF and US network ABC and is suing for $10m (£5.7m) after his wife was swapped for a gay man.

Jeffrey Bedford from Oklahoma is suing Walt Disney, which owns ABC, and claims his experience during the filming of the show caused physical and mental illness and hospitalization.

The show, which has already been broadcast in the UK on Channel 4, has yet to be shown in the States on ABC.

Bedford thought he was to be living with a woman for the program, which normally asks the wives from two families to swap places. But in search of a different cultural collision, the program makers sent a gay man to live with Bedford, a devout Christian, who was not at all comfortable about the situation.

His wife, on the other hand, went to live with the gay man's partner and their two adopted teenage daughters and found herself warmly embracing the family and their lifestyle.

Back in Oklahoma, Bedford also claims that the producers of the show repeatedly told him that his wife was going to leave him and threatened not to reveal where she was if he did not participate in filming.

Walt Disney is contesting the claim and has stated that the contract between Bedford and RDF specified that the temporary partner could be either male or female.

photo via Brand Republic (Jeffrey Bedford is on the right in photo)


Smuggler Caught With 14 Birds in Pants at Los Angeles International Airport

Have you ever heard the old saying, "A bird in hand?" Well, this guy had birds in his pants and was hoping to fly through customs with no problem. What stopped his safe flight from detection? You'll just have to read this to find out by going to...

The National Geographic News

  Given away by bird poop on his socks, fancy pants here was charged Tuesday in California with smuggling exotic Asian songbirds from Vietnam into the United States by strapping them onto his legs.

  Droppings on Sony Dong's socks and feathers peeking out from under a pant leg tipped off a Los Angeles International Airport inspector in March, who arrested the 46-year-old.

  Dong wore an elaborate set of leggings with buttoned cloth wrappings, which held more than a dozen birds (pictured), the Associated Press reported.

  Inspectors had flagged Dong for inspection because he had abandoned a suitcase of 18 birds in the L.A. airport in December 2008.

He had returned to Vietnam in February to collect more songbirds, which included red-whiskered bulbuls, magpie robins, and shama thrushes.

The animals sell for up to U.S. $400 each in the United States, U.S. Attorney's Office spokesperson Thom Mrozek told the Associated Press.

"They're rare and there are collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for these things," he said.

(Related: "900 Oven-Ready Owls, 7,000 Live Lizards Seized in Asia.")

The birds, now in quarantine, may be donated to a zoo.

Dong, who was charged with conspiracy, is currently free as a bird on bail.

—Christine Dell'Amore

Photograph by AP/Department of Justice

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Views in the News: What do you think about Obama not having a public event to celebrate today's National Day of Prayer?

I was watching Pat Buchanan whine this morning on CNN and decided to pose this question to readers - see headline.

From Fox News online edition Politics:

It's not a crisis of biblical proportions, but President Obama's plan to recognize the National Day of Prayer on Thursday with a paper proclamation, rather than a public event at the White House, is ruffling some religious feathers.

Read the rest here.

From The San Francisco Chronicle online edition SF Gate:

The White House is planning a muted observance of Thursday's National Day of Prayer, a response that has disappointed both Christian conservatives and an atheist group that wants to end the tradition.

Read the rest here.

From Two Sentz - Debate Happens:

See what the Right and the Left are saying about Obama's decision.

Read the rest here.

image via Google

Pro-Life and Anti-Abortion links: Will Justice Souter's successor stay the course, or is Roe vs Wade going to be revisited?

Editor's Note: Thanks to an alert reader (thanks Kym) who brought to my attention that all the links I provided were lopsided in favor against abortion. I have corrected that, and provided a balance.

I can't think of a more divisive issue in America today than abortion rights.

Whatever your feelings are about this hot topic, it wouldn't hurt to review what various groups are saying for - and against - a woman's right to have an abortion.

When Supreme Court Justice Souter leaves the bench behind him, the popular opinion is that Obama will put in another judge with liberal leanings. The idea being don't rock the boat. Keep the current balance as much as possible. If you want to be informed on this issue here's a collection of links to various sites - for, and against - abortion:

Planned Parenthood

This site is women who decide to have an abortion.

There is also good information on "protected sex" and other alternatives to getting pregnant.

Feminists For Life

"Established in 1972, Feminists for Life is a non-sectarian, grass-roots organization that seeks true equality for all human beings, particularly women. We oppose all forms of violence, including abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment, as they are inconsistent with the core feminist principles of justice, non-violence and non-discrimination. Our efforts focus on education, outreach and advocacy, as well as facilitating practical resources and support for women in need."

Lifesite News

Development and Peace Also Supporting Pro-Abortion Group in Bolivia.

Turn The Clock Forward

Leftout is a web site for the left-leaning, progressive pro-lifers who tend to feel "left out" of both liberal and pro-life groups. If you're a pro-life liberal, you'll readily find support here. If you're a pro-life conservative, a pro-choice liberal (or pro-choice period!), or simply undecided, at least you'll learn about a point of view you never may have heard before and discover that liberalism is not at all incompatible with a pro-life position

After Abortion

If you are in emotional or spiritual pain after abortion, this article will help you learn about different resources and options available to you in your journey to renewed emotional and spiritual well-being.

Libertarians For Life

Libertarians for Life, founded in 1976, demonstrate that abortion is a wrong under justice, and not a right, thus a violation of Libertarianism's basic principle: that each of us has the obligation not to aggress against (violate the rights of) anyone else for any reason -- personal, social, or political -- however worthy. They make the pro-life case through a wealth of articles which argue from a libertarian political perspective and use reasoning that is scientific and philosophical rather than pragmatic or religious.

Hope After an Abortion

Some women,on their own or with professional help, are able to get beyond their grief, and find a measure of peace after abortion. But other women continue to feel isolated and alone in their sadness, regret, anger and self-recrimination. This site is for them.

Pro-Choice Bigots

"Pro-Choice Bigots" is an essay by a former "pro-choicer" who describes himself as a "Jewish, atheist, civil libertarian, left-wing pro-lifer." Nat Hentoff, whom you should recognize as one of America's leading defenders of the freedom of expression, exposes the narrow-minded hypocrisy and bigotry of the left with regards to the abortion issue and pro-life activists. Though I disagree with much of his leftist politics, I readily salute his efforts in preserving our civil liberties and embrace him as a fellow pro-life atheist. This essay originally appeared in The New Republic in November 1992.

Post-Abortion Syndrome: summary, symptoms, frequency

Many pro-life groups conclude that a large percentage of women who have undergone an abortion experience serious depression, and massive feelings of guilt that last for years. This has been called "Post-traumatic abortion syndrome," "Post abortion syndrome," "Post-abortion stress syndrome," "PAS," and "PASS".


Rightgrrl is a meeting ground for young women who share a few common ideas -- namely pro-life and conservative political thinking like free-market economics -- but who otherwise smash the "feminist" icon of the '90s woman. A Rightgrrl might be Republican or Independent; Black, White, or any race; Christian, Atheist, or any religion. The "pro-choice" political left has graciously stereotyped pro-life conservative women as bun-haired, lace-collared, humorless, boring prudes. Well all you bigoted, narrow-minded "pro-choice" liberals get ready for a dose of reality!

Thanks to the site godlessprofilers for providing this information.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A radical homestead: Are you really ready to get away from it all?

Mission Statement:

Wildroots is a 30-acre radical homestead adjacent to the Pisgah NF in Madison County, Western NC. (about 45 minutes from Asheville). Our focus is on experiential learning and living, while practicing, developing and sharing skills for rewilding and reconnection.

Quote from Wild Roots website:

"At Wildroots, we live off the grid, carry our water, and practice "earthskills", or earth-based lifeways. Our interests include permaculture, gardening by the moon, natural and primitive shelter building, hide tanning, herbal medicine, nature crafts, and wild food foraging. These skills are rapidly falling into disuse in our throwaway culture, but we see them as crucial to our future survival, and we intend to help keep them alive."


Should trolls on the web beware? Someone is out there to get them!

Prison Awaiting Hostile Bloggers

  By David Kravets

  Proposed congressional legislation would demand up to two years in prison for those whose electronic speech is meant to “coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person.”

  Instead of prison, perhaps we should say gulag.

  The proposal by Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Los Angeles, would never pass First Amendment muster, unless the U.S. Constitution was altered without us knowing. So Sanchez, and the 14 other lawmakers who signed on to the proposal, are grandstanding to show the public they care about children and are opposed to cyber bullying.

  The measure, H.R. 1966, is labeled the Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act. It’s designed to target the behavior that led to last year’s suicide of the 13-year-old Meier.

In response to Meier’s suicide, prosecutors turned to an anti-hacking statute, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and prosecuted Lori Drew. She was accused of violating MySpace’s terms of service agreement in what prosecutors said was a complex conspiracy to harass Meier via a fake MySpace online profile.

Read the rest here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arnie says: Let's talk about pot and taxes and things...

By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Tuesday he welcomes a public debate on proposals to legalize and tax marijuana, which some suggest could provide a lucrative new revenue source for the cash-strapped state.

The Republican governor, whose term in office expires at the end of next year, was asked about the idea of treating pot like alcohol at an appearance in northern California to promote wildfire preparedness. Read the rest of the story here.

Image via Reuters

Enjoy some amazing Food Art by Carl Warner...

See more photos via Telegraph

Candidate for Gov. of GA Admits to Having Sex... with a Mule

  So once again you think you've heard it all. You figure there is no new lows for politicians to go...but you're wrong.


Posted by Brian Fairbanks

  Back in 2005, radical right-wing protofascist Christian Neal Horsley admitted to FoxNews anchor Alan Colmes that he had, at the age of 11 in 1955, engaged in unlawful carnal knowledge with a mule. In other words, he raped a mule and confessed to the crime on live radio.

That hasn't stopped the scary-as-hell Georgian from announcing he is running for Governor...

NH: "Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule."

AC: "I'm not so sure that that is so."

NH: "You didn't grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?"

AC: "Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?"

NH: It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality... Welcome to domestic life on the farm..."

Read the rest of this story here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 1970: The Kent State Massacre & the Cambodian Campaign


Americans are remembering The Kent State Massacre today. And well they should.

When those National Guard troops opened fire on the students the world went flip-flop for a lot of us. Above left, is a handbill passed out five days after the shootings, encouraging Americans to stop the war and to get us out of Cambodia. Many were concerned that Nixon was extending the war in Vietnam to another country, and more people would die. More would have to be drafted. The very idea of going into Cambodia inflamed way activists.

What most Americans didn't know (and I'd hazard to say don't know today) is that when when we went into Cambodia it was an attempt to win the war by taking out their command and control headquarters. It was common knowledge they hid just within Cambodia's borders knowing that we couldn't come across or we'd spark an international uproar. Nixon took a big chance when he announced the invasion of Cambodia on May 1st, 1970. He gave us the okay to go after them. The American public roared with indignation....fanned by anti-war protestors who saw this invasion as proof the war would never end.

My squad (we were Army combat engineers/demolition experts) went into Cambodia in April. We had been briefed and were attached to an element of Marines. The choppers took us up to the Cambodian border and dropped us off, and we humped into the interior. During the course of action on May 4th, we were ambushed and I lost my best friend. The next day I found out from a war correspondent what happened at Kent State University.

You cannot imagine how disillusioned I was. I was never Gung Ho. Just doing my job and trying to stay alive. But, when I thought I'd be involved in ending the war, I have to admit I was excited. I'll tell you how stupid I was. I thought I'd come home a hero for being involved in the Cambodian Campaign. Then all hell broke out in the states, and we were told to stop chasing the NVA and to go back into Vietnam. The damage was done all around. The public was pissed and we were mad. Mad that we didn't get to take our full shot at getting the NVA leaders. I was mad because I knew my friend died for no reason.

You cannot begin to understand what it was like, unless you were in Vietnam that year. Morale was already at an all time low. We were fragging our officers. We were smoking dope and mainlining H. The Army gave us "cross whites" (same same speed) when we were in the field to "stay alert." There was an underground contract on a Marine general among the people in his command. It was as close to hell on earth as you can imagine.

So when I hear people talking about those students that were murdered on May 4th, 1970, I have mixed feelings. They were in "the world" and I was in hell. Yes, four students died that day. So did 18 American soldiers and Marines in Cambodia who thought they were doing the right thing. Un-experienced National Guardsmen panicked and made everyone in the active military pay the price. We are still paying it today.

As It Stands, there's always more to the story, and that's true of what happened on May 4th, 1970. 

images via Google

Here' some great - real time - legislative resources for you

Currently On The House Floor - schedules, committee hearings, and 2009 Calendar.

Access the Laws of the United States.

Find a bill, amendment, or debate.

Find vote information.

Here's the Link to this Resource site.

Google image

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Invisible Art: The idea is to trick your eyes into not seeing something


"It's a familiar feeling - you park your car, head to the shops and on your return you forget where you left it.

But art student Sara Watson could be forgiven for such a lapse - because she has created an invisible car.

The University of Central Lancashire artist made the incredible optical illusion by spray painting a battered Skoda Fabia to match the car park and entrance to her art studio."

Read the whole story here.

Today's As It Stands: Wolves on Wall Street, tell all book, movies, financial predators profiled

  In 1929, before Variety's historic headline “Wall Street Laid An Egg,” things were really booming in America. Early in the year, financial commentators gave glowing reviews about entertainment stocks.      “The Wolf of Wall Streetstarring George Bancroft was released to packed houses on Feb. 9. Director Roland V. Lee had a hit on his hands, as theater-goers set a record for attendance.

Read the whole column here.

On Naps and Blog Breaks

I've always thought taking a nap during the day was the way to go even though Americans are not known for the habit. Taking daytime nap...