Saturday, July 13, 2019

Lick This! Social Media Morons Latest Trend

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Good Day World!

After checking out the latest fad today on social media a funny movie came to mind; A Christmas Story.

There's a particular scene in the movie where one of the characters, Flick, accepts a "triple dog dare" from another character, Schwartz, to stick his tongue onto the school flagpole.

His tongue freezes onto the pole, requiring assistance from the police and fire department to free him. 

Fast forward.

Demonstrating that stupidity is alive and well in the 21st century is the latest viral fad #IceCreamChallenge

One of the most popular responses to this idiotic challenge was when a young women walked into a grocery story, opened up a half gallon of ice cream...and licked it! Then she put it back.


So, if these licking idiots really want a challenge they should skip the ice cream licking and move on to licking other surfaces like metal flagpoles or signs.

Blocks of dry ice could be the ultimate licking challenge. A GoFundMe account could be established for the winner (the first one to rip his/hers tongue off the dry ice) to pay for the medical bills and future mental bills.

Since the licking challenge came out, there have been numerous "random lickings" ranging from tongue suppressors in a dentist's office, to other food items.

Who can forget the great "Cinnamon Challenge" where morons attempted to swallow cinnamon without puking? 

Perhaps one of the stupidest challenge I've heard of yet was the "Fire Challenge" where kids set themselves on fire after dousing their body with rubbing alcohol.

As long as there is social media platforms to showcase clowns without any sense, we can expect new challenges to come and go... with each trying to out-stupid the next one.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

A Shameless AG Enables Trump's Assaults Against America

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                                       Good Day World!

After shamelessly pursuing the job of Attorney General, and lying to the lawmakers who were vetting him, William Barr became Trump's chief enabler.

His slavish loyalty thus far has turned the office of the Attorney General into a petting zoo for Trump. 

Watching him lie about the contents of the Mueller report, and colluding with Trump to blur it's results, was just one example of how far Barr will go to please his master.

After Trump had to concede that his damning question for the census failed, Barr twisted the defeat into a fake victory by putting together a plan to use the resources already available to the government to pursue his ultimate goal of disenfranchising millions of Hispanics.

Watching Barr congratulate Trump in the Rose Garden for his Executive Order to keep pursuing his nefarious goal, was flat-out embarrassing.

Barr congratulated him twice in a short sappy speech meant to ease Donny's legislative loss. It was like watching a parent soothe a rambunctious child who just got kicked out of school.

In relatively short order Barr has destroyed the credibility of his office and the Department of Justice who are both seen as subservient to Trump.

As chief enabler, Barr is propping up Trump's crooked regime by challenging anyone seeking to restore credibility and honesty to the office.

The sad thing about the demise of credibility in the top law enforcement position is we all could see it coming when he was being vetted.

But thanks to Trump's GOP enablers in the Senate he was confirmed anyway. 

We're seeing the results of their handiwork every day now, as Barr goes out of way to please Trump and challenge the rules of law in order to benefit the most corrupt regime Washington DC has ever seen.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Looming Budget Battle: Where Have All The Republicans Gone?

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Good Day World!

Looking ahead to 2020s elections there's going to be a new dynamic - Democrats will be running against Trumplicans.

The day that the Donald was sworn in was the Republican Party's last stand. His populist/fascist appeal, with lots of help from Putin and voter suppression (gerrymandering), was the day the Republicans prostrated themselves before his orangeness.

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The surrender was swift, utterly disgraceful, and complete, as Republicans who stood up to Trump during the primaries (think Cruz) dropped down and began polishing Trump's shoes after he won.

Whatever values the GOP once stood for were crushed beneath a reality star and a world-class con man. The pathetic peeps of protest coming from the lockstep GOP senators in the last two-and-half years have been embarrassing.

The fiscal responsibilities the GOP once touted have melted into a morass of financial fails under the Trumplicans. The country is about to experience another big fail from the Party of Trump; a budget has to be passed before Oct. 1, 2019 or...guess what?

Another shut down this year.

They need to raise the federal debt limit to avoid ending the year in utter chaos. The problem is the Trumplicans in the senate can't seem to come up with a plan that satisfies the orange anus, let alone the Democrats.

Because the Trumplicans are an extension of Trump's tiny dick they're prepared to back whatever crazy shit he proposes. We've seen the end result from his idiocy earlier this year.

I never imagined that some day I would actually miss the Republican Party! The thing was, in the end they were more likely to compromise than the sociopaths in the Trumplican Party.

There was a time when the two parties did pass laws. That's sad, because Republicans evolved into the obstructionist party (under Obama), and even sadder that they prostrated themselves before a wannabe dictator and took up his racist world view.

The Party of Lincoln has lapsed into a cult that defies Congress and the Constitution. Ethics are laughed at, and defied daily by Trump, and his administration minions.

What will happen after Trump is gone? What will the scattered remnants of the cowardly members of the GOP do? 

Without a leader, they'll be wandering around on Capitol Hill like lost sheep.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Blogger Names Five 'Cra Cra' Finalists For Crazy Contest

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Good Day World!

America has spoken.

After polling thousands (okay, more like my neighbors and some friends), five finalists have been selected for my new "National Cra Cra Crown.

Contestants all had to have one thing in common - they needed to be batshit crazy. As you can imagine, it was no easy task picking the craziest person in America today with so many qualified candidates.

Here's the five finalists:

1) Hailing from the wealthy side of New York, there's Donald Trump! 

He was selected on the merit of his two and a half years in office. Because he did so many crazy things, and his deteriorating mental state, he's considered the front-runner in this contest.

2) From the racist state of Alabama, we have Mitch McConnell!

Beside being a world-class hypocrite he's crazy about Trump and his ruinous regime. Sometimes when it looks like he's shooting himself in the foot... he doubles down on crazy.

3) Also from neo confederate Alabama, there's Roy Moore! 

It took more than being a pedophile and a GOP senatorial candidate for 2020, to prove how crazy he is.

With the help of numerous interviews with the press, his supporters were impressed with his illogical arguments that always bordered on the crazy.

4) Slinking out of the Mississippi bayous is none other than Paula White.  

She's best known for being a Trumpie televangelist who siphons money from the pockets of the middle class and poor, into her bank account.

Her Prosperity theology is nothing more than a cover for the wealthy. She was selected because she thinks Trump was sent here from God.

5) Rounding out the crazy pack from New York is William Barr, better known as brown-nosed AG Barr. 

He was crazy enough to court Trump and get a job licking his ass and going after his enemies. 

Now he's prepared to go down with the ship under Trump's crazed rule.

If you'd like to select one of these crazy candidates please reply to this post before 5:00 Friday with your choice. I will be announcing the winner on Sunday. (Or, not!)

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gathering of the Trolls: Trump Invites Online Extremists to White House

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Good Day World!

Tomorrow is a big day for online provocateurs, trolls, Republican lawmakers, alt-right political strategists, and right-wing media stars.

Trump is holding a Social Media Summit in the White House and they're all invited! 

The reason for this dubious gathering is to ensure Trump wins the 2020 election... by whatever means are necessary.

The seeds for the summit were scattered by Trump and minions recently when he went on the offensive against tech giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter. 

The planned narrative Trump and the trolls are taking is simple (it has to be to work with that group); the tech world is liberal, and they hate us by censoring everything we say. Now we're going to do something about it.

That storyline will be coordinated by the master con man Trump himself. Interestingly, none of the tech companies were invited to attend this "media summit."

One of the so-called stars attending will be James O'Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, a conservative hit team repeatedly exposed for fraudulent stories, but still slinking around in dark conservative corners.

Ben Garrison, cartoonist for haters, will be another alt-right star at the summitt. Trump has personally complimented his work. 

In an interesting twist this week, a federal judge ruled that Trump is prohibited by the First Amendment from blocking critics on his Twitter feed. 

Twitter is now going to "label' Trump's tweets that violate it's policies, but will allow him to keep tweeting because he's a national figure.

The White House did not release a full list of attendees to the event. 

The whole idea for this alt-right fest/summit is part of a broader offensive by Trump and his handlers to encourage pro-Trump online influences. They're not going to depend on just Russia's help again in 2020.

Critics are uneasy over this gathering of the trolls at a moment when disinformation remains high three years after the Russian agents spread disinformation using those same tech giants.

We got a taste of things to come from Trump's legions when a GOP operative recently edited a video of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi; making her words sound slurred by slowing the speed down so that she sounded drunk.

That was just the tip of a very large iceberg bearing Trump's mark.

This whole joke of a summit has raised the ire of lawmakers, free speech advocates, and open government experts, who see the gathering as a misuse of federal funds.

That's just par for the course in the Trump era where lies and fear rule, and laws are broken with impunity. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Trump's Ongoing Battle With Critics: Who Is Winning the War of Words?

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Good Day World!

Trump has critics all over the world. Deservedly so.

When the word got out that Britain's ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch,  was sending negative reports about the Trump administration back home, the shit hit the fan!

We now know for sure, what our main ally thinks about Trump. Darroch wrote that the Trump administration was "inept" and he didn't see any improvement down the road.

Trump's response was predictable, as he attacked England as a whole, and the ambassador who dissed him. He refused to let him come back as a representative of England.

Was this a win for Trump? I don't think so, but it could be argued it was.

Once again, Trump tried to silence his critics online by banning them from his Twitter account, but a three-judge panel ruled today that it was an infringement on the critics 1st Amendment rights.

This was a loss for Trump. No matter how he spins it.
Trump's critics are legion and growing by the day. Trump can't keep defying the Constitution, and the laws of the land, and expect no one will criticize his actions.

Congress is looking at Trump's connection today to a billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta (who cut a sweetheart deal with Epstein in 2008 while a government lawyer and was later promoted by Trump to his current position).

This morning, Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, called for Acosta to resign from his position over the plea deal he gave multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein after an indictment charged Epstein with operating a sex trafficking ring was unsealed this week.

Trump's standard response to the scandal was typical. He didn't condemn Epstein because he "didn't know all the details." 

He went one step further and had his favorite loudmouth, Kellyanne Conway, tell the press this morning that Trump hadn't spoken with Epstein in "10 to 15 years." Like that somehow exonerated him from befriending a notorious pedophile.

Trump's ongoing battle with his critics is one of the defining acts of his administration. His domestic policy for dealing with critics has long been a point of contention between him and the mainstream press.

In order to silence the press he's been campaigning on the idea that everything they say about him that's not positive, is fake news.

It's not really clear whose winning the war of words, but we can expect this assault on our institutions to continue until Trump is chased out of office.
Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, July 8, 2019

'Hi Kids!' Welcome To Mr. Trump's Neighborhood

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- Comic Strip Mama

Good Day World!

I was thinking about
the days of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Remember him? Two words emerge when thinking about the message his children's show had; peace, and mutual respect.

Just for kicks, let's see what's happened since Mr. Roger's Neighborhood went off the air in 2001.

It became a slum around 2015 when a certain lowlife con man took over. Donald Trump. Here's the 2019 version of our ongoing reality show for American kids.

Mr. Trump's Neighborhood

Trump waddles into a classroom where kids are seated and wearing MAGA hats...

"Hi kids! Have you watched an immigrant family get locked up yet today?"

There's a muted response and forced smiles, "Yes, Mr. Trump," they hesitantly answer.

"Oh c'mon now! You little bastards can do better than that! Who wants to end up in a lib re-education camp?"

The assembled children, really frightened now, scream "Yes! Mr. Trump!"

Trump: "That's better.  Now, today we're going to talk about airports during the Revolutionary War and how Washington stormed the ramparts of Ft. McTrump."

Five minutes later Attorney General William Barr hops into the classroom on a pogo stick wearing a clown costume.

Trump: "Oh, look kids! It's Mr. Bo Barr the Clown! I wonder what he wants?"

Barr hops off the pogo stick, promptly lands face down, and then looks up adoringly at Trump whose watching with obvious amusement.

Barr: "Bigly news, master!

Trump: "I told you not to call me that in public, you moron. What is it?"

Barr: "I've assembled a crew of unscrupulous lawyers ready to defy the Supreme Court's decision against the census question!"

Trump: (delighted) "Whose a good boy? Look here, kids (pats Barr on the head) Who wants to pet the good boy's head?"

The children sit silently praying they don't have to respond. But Trump is already moving on to another subject...

By the time the episode is over all of the children are huddled in a corner of the classroom suppressing sobs of fear, as they clutch handouts of images of children in cages taken on America's southern border.

Trump: "That's it for today kiddos! Tomorrow your favorite president has a special surprise in store for you! Jeffrey Epstein, your favorite president's friend, is going to stop by a give a talk about young love. Won't that be fun?"

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Trump's Defiance of Law Takes Another Scary Step

"I don't know how people live without coffee. I really don't" - Martha Quinn

Good Day World!

Casting all pretenses aside about being a law-abiding president, Trump has decided to defy the Supreme Court who told him to come back with a real excuse for adding a divisive question to this year's census.

When the census ruling went against Trump and his team he quickly replaced the DOJ lawyers (who stood by the ruling) with a team of politically appointed Civilian Division lawyers.


Was it because the DOJ lawyers realized what they were doing was wrong? Were there a few DOJ lawyers left that still believed in the law of the land and ethics? Did they piss him off for not breaking the law?

More than likely.

Trump thinks that he needs to keep the issue going for his base who enjoy defying laws that don't favor them. They expect him to flaunt every law and tradition that defines our country.

By trying to make an end-run around the final arbiter of law in this nation, Trump is showing us who he really is, and has been his entire life...a corrupt con man with the biggest ego in America.

All we can hope for is that our laws and courts continue to stand strong during this unprecedented presidential assault until the orange anus is impeached, or loses the 2020 election.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Americans: Reflections of Who We Really Are

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                                          Good Day World!

I'm kicking back a little longer this morning and adding an extra cup of coffee to my normal routine to fully enjoy this morning.

After Thursday's soggy event in Washington DC, two different narratives have emerged:

1) Trump's Sad, Strange Fourth of July

2) Democrats Swore Trump Would Give a Partisan Speech. He Gave a Unifying One 

These two articles reflect who we, as Americans, are...divided and suspicious of one another.

But, as I further reflected upon the event it occurred to me that there are still many unifying themes that Americans still agree on.

First, and foremost, the pursuit of liberty and justice for all. That great concept in our society is still firmly embraced, regardless of what Trump does and says.

This Fourth of July was still a celebration of our Independence, despite pundits opposing views. 

Families gathered nationwide, BBQ was the order of the day, and little local parades and firework displays flourished just like in years past.

As for politics, they will continue to be a nasty affair that divides Americans - something that happened immediately after our two-party system was adopted back in the day.

That's okay. That's who were are. A vibrant, independent thinking collection of characters from all over the world.

As the majority of Americans struggle with the Trump regime and the damage it's doing (and done), a new administration will have to right many wrongs.

Just like the Tea Pot Dome Scandal in 1920 shocked Americans by revealing an unprecedented level of greed and corruption within the federal government, wrongs will be corrected after Trump is duly kicked out of the White House in 2020.

Americans are - and have been - a melting pot of nationalities from all over the world, and nothing will ever change that.

Especially, a wannabe dictator. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...