Monday, December 14, 2020

The Day Has Arrived: Electoral Votes Are Being Counted


At long last. 

The day has arrived when the final act of the 2020 election is completed.

This morning the first results have been recorded by Vermont's electors who cast their three votes for Joe Biden. Later Tennessee cast it's 11 electoral votes for Trump.

This count will be happening throughout the day. Normally it's the least controversial part of a presidential election.

Not this time.

Trump and his minions haven't stopped their assault on fair elections yet. Today crowds of Trump protestors are defying reality and refuse to believe the election is over.

In other words, Trump and his base are poor losers. Their attempt at subverting democracy has failed at every turn. Over 56 judges have ruled against the frivolous lawsuits filed by Trump supporters since Nov. 3rd.

The final slap-down came from the Supreme Court when it refused to entertain Trump's lawyers baseless accusations.

Sometime this evening Biden will address the nation following Electoral College certification. The message? Time to move on from the distractions by a segment of losers in our society.

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