Saturday, July 22, 2023

Democracy is Slip Slidin' Away Every Day - What Can We Do to Stop It?

States are slowly slipping under one-party rules that ignores the Constitution and even the Supreme Court's decisions.

States like Alabama (who just rejected a Supreme Court ruling that stopped their gerrymandering) are definitely acting like they're a sovereign nation by promoting MAGA agendas that involve voter suppression, suppressing women's rights, and the rights of minority communities of color and the LGBTQ community rights.

Did the sovereign state of Alabama comply? Hell no! The governor signed a bill that would guarantee blacks wouldn't be fairly represented when it comes time to vote. In essence they flipped the court off.

Look at Tennessee, believe it or not, it was actually a fairly bipartisan state in the last couple of decades but that's changed drastically. It's now totally controlled by the Republican party from governor to the conservative judges and state legislators.

These are just two examples of states metaphorically breaking away from the United States of America and becoming independent fiefdoms pledging allegiance to MAGA Republicans and their foul leader.

Two more states are even more extreme than the two mentioned earlier. Florida and Texas have become vast wastelands of hate and racism. Their governors acting like medieval barons only beholden to the king - Trump.

There's an apparent race to see which state can take the most freedoms away and become an authoritarian enclave in the midst of other states still loyal to America that believe in equality for all, justice, and the Constitution.

It's easy to say, vote them out, when in reality their so insulated by layers of power it's practically impossible in some states. 

It's going to be a long hard fight, basically trench warfare, to meet the challenges these rogue states present to our democracy. It's also going to take lots of education in places like rural communities that are often separated from mainstream America.

The biggest challenge to our freedoms comes from social media spreading lies and misinformation throughout the nation. That won't stop until the billionaires that own social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, clean up their acts.

We must always speak truth to lies when people try to spread them by any method.

I suspect you've heard the phrase; Freedom isn't free. Or even Freedom comes at a price. The point is we can't afford to sit around and wish the MAGA cult will just fade away someday. Remember, they're extremists and bullies who need to be shown the light.

As it stands, sane Americans who believe in true democracy can't afford to sit on the sidelines of our cultural war.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Looks Like Revenge Porn by Republicans in Congress is the New Norm

Please quit saying Republicans have hit a new low in Congress...because they're nowhere near hitting the bottom of the rabbit hole yet.

Once again one of the stupidest (and plain mean) GOP House members, Marjorie Taylor Greene, managed to snatch a headline from the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing the other day.

As usual another MAGA hearing - aka let's attack the president and his son - wasn't going so well with the two IRS stooges/whistleblowers who were being fact checked on live TV.

So, what could a girl do to stay in the limelight? Easy. Display a nude photo of the president's son in a sex act with a woman taken years ago. 

It was straight up porn for the committee and the world to see. 

A blow up of the photo she cribbed from dark corners on the web, was proudly held high as she grinned like a hyena in heat while accusing Hunter of making pornography.

Okay. Let's just stop right here.

First off, she needs to be prosecuted under revenge porn laws.


When during the last 117 past congresses has a representative from the House showed an explicit photo of two people having sex in an open hearing?



Nothing that disgusting and depraved has ever been displayed in the House of Representatives. That tells you right there that MAGA morons will use any tactic to "own the libs" while running interference for Trump's crimes.

For the record, MGT could be sued for her stunt. It was against the rules in Congress and the District of Columbia under defamation and/or revenge porn statutes. 

In fact, when she doubled down and posted her theatrics on her social media accounts, she opened the door to be federally charged with showing child porn because many of her subscribers on social media are underage minors.

That's right. Ms. QAnon who push's child pedophilia conspiracies whenever she has an opportunity, could actually be held to account on several charges; including sharing porn with underage viewers, breaking revenge porn laws in DC, defamation, using a photo without the participants permission... and a few other possibilities.

Don't hold your breath waiting for someone to file a lawsuit, however. The power MTG wields in the House makes her a formidable opponent in court with dark money backing her.

It goes without saying that the Republicans in the committee who witnessed her little porn prank are also complicit. Especially the chairman Gym Jordan who enjoyed every minute of the foul presentation and even let her go over her allotted time.

As it stands, remember these horrific displays in what was once the hallowed halls of Congress when you vote in 2024.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Shame! The Kennedy Legacy Being Shredded by RFK Jr.

I remember how the White House was once referred to as the mystical Camelot by the press and the Kennedy family was revered by the majority of Americans.

John F. Kennedy's charisma endeared him to most Americans. The Kennedy clan in the West Wing was compared to a royal court by the mainstream media.

When he was assassinated, he ascended into democratic legend. When Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, he joined his brother as a democratic demigod.

Now we have his son Robert F. Kennedy Jr. whose legacy will be that of a vaccine denier, liar, racist and antisemitic. 

The Kennedy clan is frankly embarrassed by their black sheep relative.

You'd know why if you saw him testify in Congress this morning. MAGA Republican Gym Jordan who chairs the so-called House Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee, gave RFK Jr. a major platform to spew his conspiracies, and even threw in two disgruntled IRS agents who claimed to be whistleblowers against the DOJ's investigation into Hunter Biden (always a crowd pleaser in the MAGA world).

The whole hearing was another pathetic extremist stunt by MAGA morons to deflect what's happening to their supreme leader Trump who is on the verge of being indicted for more crimes...including insurrection.

Listening to RFK Jr. struggle to speak (his voice is so raspy you can barely make out what he's saying) is difficult. 

His tortured gestures looked comical as he raged against democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz when they presented evidence of his misdeeds and lies.

This was no great orator who testified before Congress. Or savior of democracy. Or lover of freedom. 

The man viewers saw during the televised hearings was a cranky old white guy clinging to conspiracies while dragging his families good name into his fever swamp existence.

As it stands, these so-called hearings that are being staged by members of the Crazy Caucus are intended to run interference for the most corrupt president in America's history who (by the way) is getting closer to well-deserved justice every day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Looking for that 'Big Interview' with an Extraterrestrial Being

                        Don't laugh.

I'm waiting to get an interview with someone from another planet. 

It's just a matter of time if you've been following the news stories about UFOs this year.

I just read about a former Pentagon worker who claimed the government is covering up a captured extraterrestrial craft and the dead inhabitants inside it.

Oh yeah!  A UFO hunter claims a giant spacecraft is being hidden under a major landmark.

Folks from California to New York are reporting close encounters with aliens daily. It seems like the rush is on. Which leads me to wonder who will be the first to encounter an extraterrestrial being?

Let's start off with the premise that aliens would want to speak with our leaders. That seems to be the most common assumption.

Personally, I don't think beings from another universe would give a damn about seeking out our leaders and would be content to communicate with the first human they stumble upon.

A lot of people want to think that aliens would be peaceful, or we would have already had a war of the worlds. Not that they've been observing us for eons and planning on the right moment to take over the earth.

The aliens better make a move soon however if they intend to inhabit the planet because humans have polluted it so badly it's just a matter of time before they die off from their own stupidity, and there's nothing left but wastelands devoid of life.

Just saying.

Back to first contact thoughts. Imagine an alien bumping into Donald Trump and assuming the whole human race is that stupid? 

Meanwhile, I'll be going out on certain nights (aliens always come at night) with my camera and a prepared list of questions to ask if I get nervous. 

I used that method back in the early 90s while interviewing Miss Nude Universe at a nudist camp for a feature story for the group of newspapers I was managing.

But I digress.

As it stands, I'm really looking for that big interview to cap my career as a journalist.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Take this Quiz to Determine Which Politician is the Head of a Crime Family

Let's have some fun today with a simple political quiz. Which politician do you think heads up a crime family?

Joe Biden, or Donald Trump?


1. Who had mob connections with Anthony "Fat" Tony Salerno and Paul Castellano and is still in touch with mobsters?

a. Biden

b. Trump

2. Whose family business has been convicted of 17 crimes?

a. Biden

b. Trump

3. Whose father was arrested twice for his involvement in a Ku Klux Klan riot in 1927?

a. Biden

b. Trump

4. Whose 3 children have been accused of massive fraud?

a. Biden

b. Trump

5. Which president brought his two children into the White House as his top advisors?

a. Biden

b. Trump

6. Who has 72 federal felony indictments against him with more coming soon?

a. Biden

b. Trump

7. Who was the first US president in American history to try and overthrow a legal election to stay in power?

a. Biden

b. Trump

8. Who was the first US president to be impeached twice while in office?

a. Biden

b. Trump

9. Which president has family financial connections to Saudia Arabia's corrupt regime?

a. Biden

b. Trump  

10. Who was involved in more than 4,000 civil cases in U.S. federal and state courts when he became president?


If you came to the same conclusion, I did Trump is truly the head of a crime family. Facts. Evidence. Receipts. Emails. Phone calls. 

Family history and more confirm that.

Trump and his minions are projecting against Biden in a pathetic ruse to turn the tables on truth. Trump's defense team in the House of Representatives are doing their best to further the lie.

As it stands, the MAGA Republicans desperate attempts to protect their supreme leader will ultimately lead to visiting him in prison on weekends

Monday, July 17, 2023

Fair Warning: You Could Be Part of the Next Discriminated Segment in Society

Imagine if you woke up one day and found out that you were now considered a second-hand American because of:

Your race

Your religion

Your ethnicity 

Your sexual preferences


Your resistance to the growing fascist movement in America.

Of course, it wouldn't just happen overnight. These things take time. We've allowed white supremacists and other extreme groups to spread their poison in politics to the point we're near a civil war.

Systemic racism has always been an issue in America. Only a clueless idiot would deny that. African Americans have always been discriminated against since they were brought here as slaves.

Religion has always been weaponized in cultures around the world. It depends what religion you are part of and where you live. In America we have white Christain Nationalists who rebuke other religions rights and secular citizens freedoms.

Ethnicity is another longtime challenge when it comes to getting equal rights in the "Land of the Free." The pecking order goes something like this, Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics. You could shuffle the order around, but they are always beneath the whites.

Who you love is a major issue these days. Admittedly it has always been a super charged issue with straight people who demonize the LGBTQ community out of fear and stupidity.

The latest example is the current war on trans people perpetrated by MAGA morons. Over 500 court cases across the country so far have been filed against trans citizens and many are now new laws.

MAGA politicians in Congress are complicit in this attack against trans people because they know it pleases their homophobic base. As I write the corrupt GOP operatives for Trump are pushing this hateful agenda as part of their presidential campaign and the general election in 2024.

Consider this.

What are the chances you could be affected someday by this trend to marginalize Americans who don't support rightwing extremists? 

As it stands, the first step towards saving our democracy is taking back control of the House, maintaining the majority in the Senate and re-electing Joe Biden in 2024.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...