Saturday, November 8, 2008

Have You Ever Wondered What Bears Do In The Woods?

This comes as no surprise to me as I've discovered many camouflaged privies while tromping through the north woods! 

Underwater Explorers Release Amazing Photo of the Titanic! Experts Stunned!

Man Plasters Stamps all over His Face and tries to Go Airmail to Italy.

Silas Screenlicker was caught by alert U.S. postal clerks trying to get himself mailed to a small town in Italy. "He wouldn't have been as noticeable if he had clothes on," one clerk told the arresting officers who escorted Mr. Screenlicker out of the post office lobby and to a nearby jail.  "It was all a terrible mistake!" Screenlicker screamed as he got in the police car. One of the arresting officers expressed surprise that the man was even able to find the post office, as his eyes were covered with stamps. A spectator swore that the stamps were valuable old British Stamps and that some of them looked to be priceless.

Demonstrators turn out to Protest Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

More than 2000 people turned out in Long Beach last night to show their displeasure at of the passing of Prop 8 - banning same-sex marriage in California. About 15 people were arrested during the march downtown. The march started at 7:30 p.m., and within an hour the protestors had taken over Broadway.

Chanting "We want equality" and holding signs that said, "Did we vote on your marriage?" the marchers ran into a group of Pro-Prop 8 people and the police had to form a barrier around them as things got bad. A police spokesman said that the Pro-Prop 8 group were so outnumbered that they feared for their safety. Groups have already filed lawsuits protesting the recent ruling. For more on this demonstration CLICK HERE and see what the LA Times has to say about it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank God it's Friday: It's been a trying Week!

It's carved in stone: Neoconservativism is Dead!

 Last thoughts: what the Republicans have wrought is misery for the American Economy in the last eight years. Now we have to hope the wrongs can be undone, and that this country will have an energy efficient economy. The health care system needs to be re-tooled.

Jobs need to be created. We need to get out of Iraq as soon as possible, and to bring the war to Afghanistan to an end. Instead, we need to concentrate our military's efforts towards the war on terrorism by going to where terrorists hide!

We need to regain the rights that Bush stripped away from us in the name of national security. We need to go back to the Constitution's guarantees, that the Bush administration denied.

We need to know that our countries future doesn't have to be embroiled in wars across the globe. Imperialism needs to stop. We can only restore our stature with other nations by going back to what made us a great country in the first place. We respected freedom and only fought when it was threatened by enemies abroad.

We need to repair this country's highways and byways. We need to work on more public transportation. We need to have proper regulation over this country's financial system to avoid another so-called "Bail-out," which turned out to be a handout to CEO's getting bonuses and banks who still won't give out loans.

We need to show the world that Democracy really works through our actions domestically and abroad.

A Poem I wrote after the Presidential Election


Goodbye rude rhetoric and mudslinging,
your day has come and gone,
I can hear the bells ringing and people singing
about America’s new dawn!

No more Joe “the unlicensed” Plumber quotes,
trying to get our sympathy votes.

Substance has conquered lies and innuendos,
and all of the other sneaky political lows.

Reason has reared it’s head in 2008,
in an election that changed history and why this country is great.

Now we must come together and be united as a country
so the rest of the world can see a working democracy.

Dreams only come true when we are awake,
forging a future to have promise for our children’s sake.

This winter comes with the promise of a new day,
it’s icy clutches made bearable listening to what people say.

Hope is like a hound unleashed and untamed by reality,
it becomes what we chose to see.

Obama has proved the endearing American tale is true,
anyone can be the president - even you!


                                                                                     Dave Stancliff

                                             Today is my 58th Birthday. What a ride it's been thus far!


COMING SOON: Honeymoons in Space!

The final frontier will be honeymoons in space according to experts. They estimate that sometime between 2020 and 2040 people will be heading for the stars in the ultimate romantic getaway. CLICK HERE to read more about this.

Here's a Product that will make any American think twice before buying!

This yummy-looking bag of Poo is a big hit in countries like India and Pakistan. I guess you could call the lady on the label the far-eastern Sarah Lee. She looks like she's in a trance. She might have had too much Poo this morning!

I wonder if Poo comes in different flavors? I don't think I'll go there...

When Will Obama Get Us Out Of Iraq?

The Iraqis have come up with a plan to have US troops out of their country in three years. However, I'm hoping that Obama gets us out of there sooner. Like in 18 months. The puppy below is sleeping under a US serviceman's hat in Baquba 40 miles northeast of Baghdad.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The New 'Terrorist Release Program' is Off to a Good Start!

This person has just been released by the US Navy under the recently adopted "Terrorist Release Program."

Today 12 foreign & 18 national visitors

There's 6 more hours left in the day but I'm going to list the foreign and national visitors today thus far:

APO, Armed Forces, Europe (good to see you); Stockholm, Stockholm Lans, Sweden; Ingolstadt, Bayern, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Szeged, Hungary; Stockport, United Kingdom; Paris Ile-de-france, France; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela; Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; and London, United Kingdom.

Franklin, Tennessee; Athens, Georgia; Twin Falls, Idaho; Cincinnati, Ohio; Lodi, New Jersey; Fresh Meadows, New York; Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Irving, Texas; Urbana, Illinois; Minneopolis, Minnesota; Enumclaw, Washington; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Okemos, Michigan.

I do get visitors from throughout California too, but I like to highlight the national and international ones.

What Fun the Wasilla Hillbillies had BEFORE The Party ENDED!


Looks like Alaska Gov. Palin and family's mad spending spree while she was in the Big City appalled McCain staffers who hid the shopping splurge from McCain because they knew it would piss him off!

 CLICK HERE for more details about those fun-loving Wasilla Hillbillies, who came close to moving to Washington on sled dog pack trains!


Pooh Sketch fetches $50,000

An original drawing of A.A. Milne's popular children's characters Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger and Piglet fetched $50,000 in a London auction recently. The artist was E.H. Shepard, the famous children's book illustrator. The winning bid came via the phone as a German man bought it for his wife who is a big Pooh fan.

I remember reading about the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh 50 years ago, and find it fun to see my grandchildren reading Winnie today! It's an ageless collection of fun-loving talking animals. My other favorite children's series was the Doctor Doolittle books.


After thrashing the Clippers a week ago by 38 points, the Lakers were back at it again last night, as they won by 20 points. Baron Davis (looking at Kobe above) promised fans this year that the Clippers would be winners. It looks like it's going to be hard to follow up on that promise. The Lakers are still undefeated and looking very much like the Western Conference champs that they are.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

National & International visitor's in the last 48 hours

I want to thank my visitors for stopping by (some of you numerous times) in just the last 48 hours.

From Other Countries:
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada; Legaspi, Philippines; Stockport, United Kingdom; Winsor, Ontario, Canada; Singapore, Singapore; Middlesbrough, United Kingdom; Athens, Attiki, Greece; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada; Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada; London, United Kingdom; Budapest, Hungry; Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom; Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt; Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Lipany, Presov, Slovakia.

Four from Canada and four from the United Kingdom. My family, the Stancliff's, are direct descendents of James Stancliff of England, who came to the new world in the late 1690's.

I've never met any of my British cousins. Perhaps now, I will discover some through this wonderous internet!

Meanwhile here's a big hello to all of you Americans from around the country:

Charlotte, North Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Argyle, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia; Florence, Alabama; Chandle, Arizonia; Boston, Massachusetts; Ogden, Utah; Alvin, Texas; Lugoff, South Carolina; High Point, North Carolina; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Elizabethton, Tennessee; Umpire, Arkansas; Flagstaff, Arizonia; Denver, Colorado; Marietta, Georgia; Midlothian, Texas; North Branford, Connecticut; Columbia Falls, Montana; Brevard, North Carolina; and North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Four from North Carolina. You are the state leading the way to this blog: AS IT STANDS! See you all again God willing...


At Donna's Ranch, a brothel in Wells, Nevada, most of the customers are long-haul truckers. High fuel prices and food prices have drained most of them of 'play money' and the world's oldest profession is feeling the pinch of this depression we're currently in.

Nevada's 25 legal brothels are fighting to stay open with the decline in profits. I can't think of any luxury retailers who are not touched by the disappearing consumer.

The owner of Donna's Ranch has been talking about putting cattle on his acreage and making it a real ranch! How's that for irony?

He plan's on raising and providing meat for the business as another way to save money in these hard times.

The LA TIMES has an interesting feature regarding these women who sell sex to make a living. CLICK HERE to read more. 

Gay Marriage Ban Looks Like it's Going to Pass in California

With the numbers still being counted, it looks like Prop 8 is going to pass sometime today. If it does, it's going to set back any progress Gays and Lesbians have made for equality. There's also all the marriages that were preformed the last year. What happens now?

In this year of historic change - where we elected a black President - voters have turned by the clock in California when it comes to equal rights for all. It amazes me how intolerant people can be. 

Changing of the Guard: Obama and Biden Head for the White House

In a landslide victory, Barrack Obama made history. This time Ohio and Florida went to the Democrats. America is in for a new era as the world watched us elect the first African-American to the presidency. Obama's message was CHANGE. Now we have to hope that positive changes do take place. A daunting task lies ahead for the new administration.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's 7:50 p.m. California Time: I say Obama Wins!

It's way to early to know for sure, but I feel like history is being made tonight.

So far, I don't know who will get Florida. If Obama gets it's 27 votes the race is won. California and the West Coast will take him over the top!

It's going to be close, but Obama will win!

You heard it here...


The day has finally arrived. Now it's time to put up, or shut up. Get out there and vote. This is an historical election and we need to have as many Americans as possible voting. Let's hope we don't end up with a tight Electoral College victory like the last two elections.

Voting problems have already surfaced this morning along the Eastern seaboard and Mid-Atlantic states.

People are already experiencing long waiting lines of up to several hours. My wife and I got to the local polling place when it opened at 7 a.m. this morning, and there were only about 10 people there. We were in and out in less than 15 minutes!

To read about more Election Day news CLICK HERE.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Graffiti Art Stretches Across America's Ghettos...




Graffiti Art is really an expression of pride among many of the gang-bangers and taggers. In the world of art this form of self expression tells a story. I've seen this art form evolve from the days I lived in the barrios (50's & early 60s), until the present, and it has become considerably richer in form and detail. I'm often amazed how talented these ghetto artists really are. Many of them go on to be professional tattoo artists and their style is much sought after by tattoo enthusiasts. It's easy to see why, as the free forms flow across the walls of barrios and alleys from East LA to Bangor, Maine. 

National & International visitor's in last 12 hours

Good to see Norcross, Georgia back again today. I hope you liked the post - "Political Mudslinging reaches new low."

And, a curious Ketchikan, Alaska returned to check out yesterday's "Visitor's in the Last 48 Hours." You were there too Ketchikan. I wonder, are you a Palin supporter? Just curious.

Ward Cove, Alaska, stopped in to check that visitor list from yesterday too. How about you Ward Cove? Are you a Palin supporter?

Washington DC, checked in today ("12-year-old killed Trick-or-Treating."), along with Rochester, New York, who read the same post, "12-year-old killed Trick-or-Treating."

From overseas this morning, we have Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (read "12-Year-old killed Trick-or-Treating."); Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (scanned site); and someone in Jaipur Ragasthan, India stopped by to read the post, "No Economic Downfall for Beer."

Nice to see you all and keep on coming. I try to have something for everyone.

Prayers Go Up for Both Parties the Day Before Election

Americans everywhere today are praying for their party as the candidates scoot about the states in a last-minute campaigning frenzy. In less than 24 hours all of the mudslinging will stop as one candidate celebrates victory and the other goes down in the agony of defeat.

I'm so ready for this circus to end! Just think, then we'll all be able to look at what else is happening in the world...

like the current depression we're in and what to do about it! CLICK HERE for last minute campaign news.

Here's a vehicle for the person whose always 'On the Go!'

This clever mode of transportation is powered by waste. Human waste that is! This energy efficient scooter should solve the country's energy problems in short order.

Notice the ice chest, it's full of food so that the driver

always has plenty of fuel!

Billionaire-Backed Measures

Voters should be aware that five of the measures that are being proposed tomorrow are backed by four billionaires. Props 5,6,7,9,and 10 have a lot of money behind them, but are they really worth Californian's time? For more details on these measures CLICK HERE.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello to my National Visitors in the last 48 Hours!

A big hello to you all. I'm starting to see that many of you are repeaters (that's great!) and it's fun to see the cities and states you come from!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Curtis Bay, Maryland; Norcross, Georgia; Beaufort, South Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; Saginaw, Michigan; Buffalo, New York; Weston, Massachusetts; Las Vegas, Nevada; Marion, Illinois; Bingen, Washington; Evansville, Indiana; Topeka, Kansas; Owesso, Michigan; Northfield, Minnesota; Collingville, Illinois; Center Ossipee, New Hampshire; Jonesboro, Georgia; Rockland, Maine; Augusta, Maine; Hillsboro, Oregon; Simpsonville, South Carolina; Pittsburgh, Pennesylvania; Neptune Beach, Florida; Lexington, Kentucky; and last, but not least, Ketchikan, Alaska!

Thanks for stopping by, and don't be shy....ya all come back now ya hear!

Hello My 14 Overseas Visitors in the Last 48 hours!

I just wanted to say hello to all of you for coming so far!

Hello: Karlshamm Blekinge Lan, Sweden; Ogre, Ogres, Latvia; New Malden Surrey, United Kingdom; Konya, Turkey; Duntermline Fife, United Kingdom; Koln, Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany; Nelson Lancashire, United Kingdom; Mosco, Mosco City, Russian Federation; Mathenay, Franche-comte, France; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Haifa, Hefa, Israel; and last, but not least, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

It looks like those British are leading the way again. Tally ho!

Will Electoral College Victory Cause Riots?

Hello fellow bloggers and visitors!

Today's AS IT STANDS questions the worth of having an Electoral College. If you'll look over to the right-hand column of this blog you'll see a LINK TO THIS COLUMN listed under the TIMES-STANDARD. Let me know what you think okay?

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...