Saturday, November 12, 2016

Here's how the dream went...

                                      Good Day World!

A poem for you today... 

In the dream…

I saw a trail of tears
Immigrants worst fears
For the next four years
Unscrupulous profiteers
And budgeteers
Backing electioneers
Who expand frontiers
For racketeers
From here to Algiers
All financiers of fear
Is the operating word here
Faster than light-years
These bullies and bombardiers
Are searching for volunteers
To beat up queers
And drink cheap beers
With their racist peers
Who have been around for years
Grabbing pussy’s amid cheers
These fact defiers
Who light the fires
Of fear
From year-to-year

I woke wondering how will America persevere?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Trump Era Begins: Grab a Pussy and Praise the Electoral College

Good Day World!

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (over a million voters), but lost the election when the Electoral College awarded Trump ten more delegates than her.

This is the same Electoral College that Trump has been saying is "rigged" and we ought to get rid of. I think he was right.

Look what happened. When he found out that he benefited from the flawed system he decried earlier, Donny Little Hands tweeted with joy.

When Americans woke up Wednesday morning they were stunned to see that once again the popular vote was cast aside (one million voters) and the contest was decided in the controversial Electoral College.

No surprise the hashtag #NotMyPresident has been trending. Americans have once again been cheated. Bush vs Dole was the last time the majority of American votes were nullified.

No other democracy in the world has a system like ours. And ours is flawed. This election proves it once again.

So now we get the Trump era, where anything goes for rich white folks and the common man loses his voice. Middle income earners will find themselves joining the ranks of the poor.

Meanwhile the state of California is looking at succeeding from the union. It's disenfranchised voters don't want to live in Trump's America.

Californians are not ready to grab a pussy or prosecute people based upon their color or sexual preference. California has 11 million residents and could become the 33rd largest country in the world if it goes on it's own.

Trump, the Divider, hasn't even been sworn into office yet and we already have a state preparing to succeed. Imagine what the next 100 days will bring?

Americans have been cheated for too long with our flawed version of democracy. 

I worry that the backlash from this election is going to turn violent, and the America that we once knew will no longer exist.

The Trump Era has begun.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Has Swedish Law Finally Caught Up To Accused Rapist Julian Assange?

Good Day World!

WikiLeaks founder and accused rapist, Julian Assange, will finally face questioning about sex crimes he allegedly committed four years ago.

An unusual arrangement to try his case was made between Ecuadorian and Swedish authorities who plan on questioning him November 14th.

An interview was arranged (at the Ecuadorian Embassy) with an Ecuadorian prosecutor, a Swedish prosecutor and police investigator, who will all ask him questions. If he agrees, they also want a DNA sample.

Seeing as how Assange has skipped being proscuted from three other cases of sex crimes - they expired due to statutes of limitation while the coward was hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy - it's important that the fourth case of rape have all the evidence possible.

Rape is rape.

Assange tried to get the case overthrown in September, but a Swedish court upheld it. Perhaps this lowlife, who has caused so many people grief, will finally get a taste of real justice. 

I can only hope.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day of the Demogogue and the Death of Democracy

                                        Good Day World!

Valdimir Putin is dancing in the Kremlin today because his buddy Donald Trump got elected president of the United States.

The bromance is really on now.

I'm stunned and shocked. How could we do this to ourselves? Trump is the most unqualified president to ever invade the White House.

But slightly more than half of Americans voted for him hoping for change. They're going to get change alright...but not the kind they were thinking.

The rest of the world is watching with bated breath as Donny Little Hands snuggles up to the nuke button and grins.

The Trump White House will be nothing more than a big top tent for the circus ahead. Minorities are cringing. Waiting for Trump to come after them.

My disappointment is profound this morning. I feel like America has sunk to a new low here, and in the world's eyes. We've officially become a laughingstock.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Is Here: Pray for America!

                                         Good Day World!

I hope you are taking advantage of your right as an America to vote today. I voted two weeks ago (Oregon).

I'm looking for a record turnout of voters today. That would go to Hillary Clinton's advantage, as she appeals to a wider cross section of Americans.

The question people are asking is what will Donald Trump supporters do when he loses? The odds are he will lose, according to the most recent poll (November 7).

We know Trump's temperament now. He refused to say he would accept the election results when repeatedly asked by the press... unless he wins, of course.

If that sounds like a petulant 4th grader, it's because mentally he's still in grade school in a mythical time when America was great, and only white men ruled.

When I look at the one demographic Trump leads in it makes me nauseous. White guys my age. I have to add, under-educated whites, not ones with college degrees like myself.

Still, it's troubling to see how any group could support the demogogue known as Trump.

As a country, we need to move on from all of this hate and bitterness and wage a campaign to make America kind again! 

The world is watching.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, November 7, 2016

My Birthday Wish Today: That al-Qaeda Doesn't Attack Any States

Good Day World!

I'm officially retired (I start get social security retirement) today at 66-years old.

Not sure how I feel about that. But something is really harshing my high right now.

The terrorist group al-Qaeda has threatened to attack New York, Texas, and Virginia today. I sure would hate to see that happen on any day.

The creeps united under ISIS have also been threatening attacks against our homeland.

It seems like the whole world is out to disrupt our presidential elections. 

Cyber attacks from Putin and his punks have razed hackles enough in Washington for the administration to plainly promise retaliation if any cyber attacks attempt to disrupt the elections today, or tomorrow.

I know peace on earth isn't going to happen today, or any day in the near future. Humans are just too quarrelsome for that possibility.

While I'm not thrilled to be an official old fart, I suppose it is better than the alternative!

Peace out! Please!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, November 6, 2016

FaceBook Follies: Fighting Misinformation and Hackers Out to Ruin Your Day

Good Day World!

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother doing the FaceBook thing.

My account was hacked by some creep last week who tried to scam my friends and family. 

Most caught on to the fake account created by the hacker, but there was at least one family member who was on his way to withdrawing money to send to the hacker (who he thought was me).

Thank goodness, he called my wife before stepping foot inside his bank to withdraw money, and she set him straight. The pitfalls of being on FaceBook are very real.

Hacked FaceBook accounts are a growing concern as scamers get more sophisticated.

Some ways to tell if your account has been hacked are:
  • Your name, birthday, email or password has been changed.
  • Someone sent out friend requests to people you don't know.
  • Messages have been sent from your account, but you didn't write them.
  • Posts are appearing on your timeline that you didn't post.

In addition to hackers you have to be concerned about misinformation dumps. They're popular. Here's a study that finds people like the wrong stuff on social media better and why.

The most popular post spreading misinformation claimed Zika virus is a "fraudulent medical hoax" and was viewed more than 530,000 times. It was also shared with more than 19,600 people.

What's really disturbing is that the websites or videos that are spreading this misinformation are trying to take the focus completely away from the issue.

Something to consider about this new study; by only evaluating popular posts, it may have underestimated the spread of misinformation by people online.

FYI:  two-thirds of U.S. adults use Facebook and many get their news from the website.

The bottom line; as long as people don't check the credibility of information this problem will never go away. 

Time for me to walk on down the road..

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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