Friday, November 13, 2020

You Know It's 2020 When Charles Koch Congratulates Biden and Says He Looks Forward to 'Working With Him"

 Pandemic Diary - Day 335

Dear Diary,

Historians will someday agree that 2020 was a unique year full of challenges without comparison.

The year started off with the whole West Coast on fire, and a deadly pandemic that swept through the country taking lives in record numbers.

In an effort to stop the spread the nation had to shut down causing economic hardships not seen since the Great Depression.

Despite knowing how deadly the coronavirus was in early January, Trump downplayed the "Kung Fu Virus" and mocked masks when healthcare professionals cautioned they were vital (along with other advise) in stopping the spread.   

Trump was impeached in February. Farmers were getting massive government bailouts because of Trump's war with China.

The centerpiece of this year was the presidential election.

Democracy was shaken to the core as an out-of-control Trump tried to steal the election by whatever means were available to him.

Trump appointed a minion to slow down the USPS as part of his effort to discredit mail-in voting. He hired a legion of lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits in every swing state he was losing in. All were rejected.

When Biden was declared the winner on November 7th, Trump locked himself in the White House bunker and refused to concede to reality.

As Trump was going through the first of five stages of grief - denial - GOP leaders put their blinders on and pretended he didn't lose. Some are still pretending. Some have chosen to recognize reality.

Amidst all the tribalism I've seen this year something stunned me yesterday. 

Charles Koch (and democratic boogeyman) not only congratulated Biden on his victory, but he said he looked forward to working with him (!) to restore protection for "Dreamers," enacting policing reform that addresses systemic racism, and rolling back Trump's tariffs.

I know, I shouldn't be surprised by anything. It's 2020 after all.

Quote for the Day: "No one is exempt from the surprises of life." -Mehmet Murat ildan

'Baby Trump' Is Going To Have To Recognize Reality Eventually


Pandemic Diary - Day 334

Dear Diary,

Our cry Baby-in-Charge is in deep denial.

He can't change reality regardless of his frivolous lawsuits. Some Republicans have begun to accept the inevitable and are trying to get Trump to stop whining by coddling the orange buffoon.

The royal ass wipes - you know who they are - are carefully coaching Donny to calm down. It's a herculean effort. 

He doesn't want to admit he's a loser and they have to figure out how to get his fat ass out of the White House before January 20th when he'll be dragged out kicking and crying if he's still squatting there.

I don't envy his minions task. Changing his dirty diapers daily is one thing, but getting their terrible infant to vacate the White House is quite another.

Somehow, without riling up his rabid base, they have to figure out a course of action in the next 68 days.

Right now that mission seems impossible. Donny is angry and pounding his rattle on the resolute desk calling for heads to fall.

Their only hope is he'll be placated enough by firing everyone he doesn't like in government, and giving pardons to his criminal friends - and himself (if he can pull it off) that he'll leave.

To be sure no one - including Donny - knows what he'll do with the remainder of his regime. 

Meanwhile, his enablers will also have to figure out how to keep him out of prison when he leaves office. They know the IRS has unfinished business with their baby Trump.

Quote for the Day; "It's human to be angry, but childish to be controlled by anger." --Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Trump Is Busy Misleading His Own Supporters For His Personal Benefit


Pandemic Diary - Day 233

Dear Diary,

I almost feel sorry for the fools giving Trump money to fight the election results. Almost...

When Trump's campaign figured out he was losing the election last week, they began blasting out a nonstop stream of emails and text messages that led to a website raising money for an "election defense fund" to contest the outcome.

But, if Trumpies were able read the fine print they'd realize most of the money collected is going towards paying down his campaign debt and going to the RNC; and a political action PAC Trump founded, off the ground.

In other words, he's ripping off his own supporters who think all of the money is going toward "the good fight" to retain his presidency.

Election watchdogs have been scrutinizing the way the Trump campaign is divvying up the contributions. In particular it looks like Trump and his family are poised to financially benefit from the arrangement for years to come.

Paul S. Ryan, a longtime campaign finance attorney with the good government group Common Cause told AP, "This is a slush fund for Trump."

Ryan suspects that Trump will try to string out the meritless litigation in order "to fleece his own supporters of their money and use it in the coming years to pad his lifestyle while teasing a 2024 candidacy."

A portion of the money collected will go to the RNC, and the rest into Trump's PAC, according to campaign finance attorneys who have reviewed the details of the arrangement.

Like I initially said, I almost feel sorry for the fools, but they should have known better than to trust or believe Trump's words.

It's just another example of how Trump uses and abuses people. He wouldn't hesitate to throw his best friend under the bus if he thought it would benefit him.

Quote for the Day; "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." --Soren Kierkegaard

You Want Pathetic? Just Check Out These Trump Minions Response to Reality

 Pandemic Diary - Day 232

Dear Diary,

The fact that Joe Biden is our next president has caused already addled Trump supporters to melt down further.

Here's some examples:

--Trump's stupid son Eric tweeted this yesterday to his followers, "Minnesota Get Out and Vote!" The backlash on Twitter was he found himself the butt of countless jokes.

The reason for the scorn was obvious, voting was over in Minnesota a week ago.

--Donald Trump Jr. was brutally mocked yesterday for pushing a COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theory. Junior claimed Pfizer's announcement of a vaccine after Biden was elected was part of a conspiracy to hurt his Dad's re-election.

Once again Twitter debunked that bullshit. It was pointed out that Pfizer's announcement fit it's timeline.

--Pompous ass Pompeo belittled voters when he announced there would be a "smooth transition" when Trump took office on Jan. 20th. His divorce from reality had world leaders puzzled and disgusted.

---Bill Barr pulled his head out of Trump's ass long enough to look into baseless claims of voting "irregularities."

--Trump's legal team was asked about a witness, Richard Hopkins who is a USPS employee who recanted his election fraud story. Nothing but silence. Busted again.

--MAGA nation is planning a reverse reality rally in Washington DC Saturday where MAGA tribes like the Proud Boys, and the Oath Keepers will attend. Their only aim is to create disruption and chaos.

--Dr. Scott Atlas, Trump's flunkie leading the Coronavirus Task Force, has been relentlessly attacking Dr. Fauci for telling the truth to the public.

--The Department of Homeland Security has been busy swatting down Trumpworld's viral conspiracies on the agencies "Rumor Control" website.

--Kayleigh McEnany was lying her ass off on FOX News and the Host Neil Cavuto had to cut her off (!) while explaining to viewers she has no evidence and is spreading falsehoods.

I could go on, but why bother? The lies are going to continue long after Biden is sworn in because Trumpies live in an alternate universe.

Quote for the Day; "Winners have no interest or association in the opinions, actions or affairs of losers." -Jeffrey Fry

Monday, November 9, 2020

Will the Supreme Court Take Away 20 Million Americans Health Insurance Today?


Pandemic Diary - Day 231

Dear Diary,

Today the Supreme Court will decide if 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance.

It's that simple

Will Trump's recent conservative appointees uphold the current law? I'm concerned they won't. Ideology has replaced equal justice for all under Trump's disastrous reign.

As these luminaries examine arcane laws that could somehow overturn Obamacare, they could care less about the effects of their decision on people's lives.

Thanks to the political creature that calls himself Mitch McConnell, the Supreme Court and numerous other federal court positions have been stacked with snakes from the Federalist Society.

Getting justice for all is going to be a constant battle against the forces that have infected our judiciary systems.

However, Joe Biden is now president giving Americans hope for a reversal of the damage that lawless GOP cronies have caused.

It's not going to be easy. But democracy has stood up to Trump, the biggest threat our republic has ever encountered. That's one giant step for the nation.

Wouldn't it be grand to see the Supreme Court stand up for all Americans? 

One way or another, we're going to get a taste of what's coming our way from a court that badly needs credibility.

We'll have a good idea of how likely justice will prevail in the future when the court hands down it's decision.

Quote for the Day: "If the judges, who misuse the law, and make the wrong verdict, who else will judge such judges to support the justice to all without any distinction?" -Ehsan Sehgal 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Post Election Aftermath: Denial and Hope


Pandemic Diary - Day 230

Dear Diary,

The best present I ever got for my birthday - on November 7th - was when Joe Biden was declared the next President of the United States.

The nation said YOU'RE FIRED!

To no one's surprise Trump is in deep abject denial and claims he's been cheated. He unleashed a pack of lawyers to challenge results in different states with no results.

That's because there was NO FRAUD

There's a few feeble cases (with no evidence) hanging on until the end of this week. Trump supporters and GOP lackeys in Congress have been afraid to say he lost the election, although most know he has.

In a pathetic effort to hang on to the dream of a Trump dynasty, they all claim to be waiting for the final count in Arizona later this week before admitting reality. 

To be sure, his core supporters will never admit to reality, but there's a chance some Republicans will move on and try to restore their party which Trump transformed into a populist cult.

In spite of all of this, America has hope now.

I enjoyed reading the international headlines congratulating Joe Biden and mocking Trump. More than one banner head ran "YOU'RE Fired!"

The next 72 days are going to be more chaotic than than ever as Trump continues to lash out like a wounded hyena, right up until the last moment when they have to drag him out of the Oval Office.

On January 20th, 2021, the majority of Americans will set about healing the country, and trying to unite the nation. 

Quote for the Day: "But the world moves on, even when you don't want it to, even when change feels like the end of everything. It never stops." -Ann Aguirre 


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