Saturday, January 15, 2022

Weenies of the Week Announced

Just so that we're on the same page, weenies come in multiple categories, but all have one thing in common...they're pathetic.

Let's start with Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Trump acolyte. When it comes to attacking businesses in mainland China, he's made a name for himself as a vehement critic of them.

But, surprise surprise... Tuberville has been quietly investing in Alibaba which is a company based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in the People's Republic of China.

He was outed this week thanks to CNBC's reporter Dan Mangan, who caught the double-dealing hypocrite making purchases as recent as last December.


Probably the biggest weenie from last week is Ted Cruz. 

In a disgusting display of cowardice, he went on right-wing lunatic Tucker Carlson's show and apologized for - get this - referring to January 6 as a "violent terrorist attack," after his prior remarks about everyone involved in the assault was wrong.

"It was sloppy and frankly dumb," Cruz whimpered to Carlson. I only meant those who attacked police officers were terrorists, not the thousands of peaceful protestors supporting Trump.


A true weenie since slithering into politics, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has plans to run for president in 2024 but won't outright declare his candidacy for fear of Trump's wrath.

Lately Trump has been pissed off by what he sees as a lack of fealty from his former protege. 

Trump wasn't happy with DeSantis's comments last week when he said one of the biggest mistakes, he made in office was listening to Trump about shutting the state down to slow the fast-spreading coronavirus.

But in all other subjects about Trump, DeSantis cravenly praises him and calls him the leader of the party.


Shaming veterans everywhere, retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Daniel W. Prime was arrested for taking nude photos of his girlfriend's toddler-aged daughter.

The big weenie threatened to kill the federal agent investigating the case, according to the Daily Beast. He's in deep shit now.


That's enough weenies for the day. I'll check back on them again in a future post. Have a great day!

Friday, January 14, 2022

The Flood Gates Have Opened: DOJ charges 11 individuals With 'Seditious Conspiracy' in Jan. 6 Assault on Capitol

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been under a ton of pressure to file substantial charges against the Jan. 6 rioters, and enablers, who attempted to overthrow the election results in 2020.

That pressure eased up a bit yesterday after the DOJ announced that 11 individuals were charged with seditious conspiracy to oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force.

Starting with the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, and other 10 members of the far-right militia, the DOJ sent a clear signal... the perpetrators of the assault on our democracy are going to pay the ultimate price.  

Garland opened the floodgates to others who may also be charged with obstruction of justice, citing their involvement in a seditious conspiracy. 

To be sure, the DOJ rarely uses the charge because it can be politically loaded and has been difficult to prove in the past.

So, this is a big deal. Garland must think he has a solid case.

This announcement comes amid the GOP's desperate efforts to downplay what happened on Jan. 6th. Trump and minions are in a full court press to erase history, or at the very least, re-write it.

It doesn't take too much imagination to see that Trump and his congressional cronies, along with right-wing lawyers and activists, tried their hardest to obstruct the certification of the legal votes.

It's the same thing the Oath Keepers did. But on a more massive scale.

We live in cataclysmic times where norms have shriveled up and it's a brave new world between the forces of tyranny and democracy. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

It Happens Too Often: Media Influencers Working with the Darkside

                        Fair warning.

Follow media influencers at your own risk. There's a dark side to those smiling faces recommending you buy the product they're shilling.

Who hasn't heard of Kim Kardashian? Or Floyd Mayweather one of the greatest boxers' pound-for-pound in history?

The Kardashian brand is well-known, and I presume somewhat trusted. That trust was violated, however. 

She's being sued over allegations that she misled investors when promoting a little-known cryptocurrency called EthereumMax.

A class action lawsuit filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California accuses EthereumMax and its celebrity promoters of working together to artificially inflate the price of the token by making "false or misleading statements" in social media posts.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather was another EthereumMax shill. He endorsed the token in his boxing match with YouTube star Logan Paul. EthereumMax was accepted as payments for tickets to the event, a move that the lawsuit against him claims boosted trading volumes sharply.

Investors call this kind of con a "pump and dump" scheme where scammers attempt to boost the price of an asset through false and misleading statements.

And get this.

It's not the first time these two celebrities have been in hot water for cryptocurrency endorsements.

Mayweather was charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision with pumping an initial coin offering, a controversial crypto crowdfunding method in 2018.

He had to pay $600,000 in a settlement with the SEC but got away from admitting or denying the regulator's findings.

In September 2021, Charles Randell, chair of the U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority, singled out Kim Kardashian's Instagram ad for EthereumMax in a speech warning of crypto scams.

If you take away anything from what you just read let it be exercising caution when listening to social media influencers.

There's a dark side to some of them many people aren't aware of.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Trump's Political Alternate Reality Rally Guaranteed to Be Entertaining

Make plans to attend now.

Trump has invited the who's-who of the far-right Big Lie promoters to a rally this Saturday and you just have to see it.

If you do go prepare to laugh your ass off because the lineup is better than a gaggle of demented comedians.  

Trump plays his usual maniac self. The event features a major QAnon supporter! Can you imagine? A full-fledged nutcase will set the table.

Sheep in red MAGA hats and sporting the latest in Trump attire, will descend upon the Arizona desert to cheer on Arizona State Sen. Mark Finchem, billed as the event's "special guest speaker."

He's special alright.

Trump has anointed him among other Republican challengers in the primary to see who the GOP's secretary of state candidate will be.

Finchem is an unabashed QAnon loonie who recently was a featured speaker at a QAnon conference in Las Vegas.

There's more entertainment.

The rally will also feature two of the most bad ass bitches in congress. That's right. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado.

You want to hear crazy? Those two females invented it. I don't know for sure, but they may pole dance with AR-15s. Just a rumor among the MAGA faithful mind you.

The fun doesn't end there, however.

Pillow Boy Mike Lindell will be there with reams of computer printouts proving Trump won the 2020 election.

Attendees can also expect to see Kelli Ward the Arizona chair for the GOP and ringleader of false audits signing autographs on allegedly missing ballots printed on rice paper.

Also expected to slither on stage is none other than batshit crazy, Rep. Paul Gosar, whose family hates him, but he doesn't care because he wants to be Trump's official ass wipe.

Gosar's fellow moron, Rep. Andy Biggs, will be hanging around backstage telling racist jokes while waiting to make an appearance alongside his master Trump. 

Finally, Kari Lake, a former Fox anchor who is running for governor, will challenge Boebert and Greene to compete in a screaming match.

Winner gets to go to Mar-a-Lago and dine on sumptuous McDonald's cheeseburgers while Trump recounts sexual episodes from his perverted past.

So, listen.

There's still plenty of time to change whatever plans you have this Saturday and head to Florence, Arizona for a day of guaranteed laughs and fun.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Here's Why Madison Cawthorn May Not Get Re-Elected in the Midterms

There's more than one way to stop Trump supporters from polluting our political system in future elections.

This brilliant tactic is the 14th Amendment.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections - which oversees the scrutiny of candidates' qualifications - received a letter from 11 voters yesterday challenging Madison Cawthorn's ability to re-run for Congress in the midterms.

The voters cited his participation in a rally last January in Washington that questioned the presidential election outcome and preceded the Capitol riot.

Cawthorn who formally filed as a candidate for the newly created 13th District seat last month, should be ineligible the voters contend because he fails to comply with an amendment in the Constitution ratified shortly after the Civil War.

That would be the aforementioned 14th Amendment which states, "No one can serve in Congress... to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same."

Guess what Cawthorn did? 

The written challenge says events on Jan. 6, 2021 "amounted to an insurrection" and that his speech at the rally supporting Trump, his other comments and information in published reports provide a "reasonable suspicion or belief" that he helped facilitate the insurrection (there's that word again). 

Meanwhile, the legal director, Ron Fein, of Free Speech for People, a national election and campaign finance reform group is backing the challenge. 

Fein told the Associated Press that Cawthorn is only the tip of the insurrectionist iceberg. The group intends to file against other members of Congress associated with the insurrection. 

The "leading national precedent" for such cases was created in 1869 by the North Carolina Supreme Court, which describes the meaning of "engage" when it comes to a disqualifying act of insurrection.

The challengers also asked the board to let them question Cawthorn under oath in a deposition before the regional panel convenes, and to subpoena him and others to obtain documents.

What I liked hearing was that state law says Cawthorn has the burden to "show by a preponderance of the evidence" that he's qualified to run.

It looks like one of Trump's congressional minions will be looking for a new line of work if the state disqualifies him.

As for other Trump candidates running in the midterms, they too may find they're not getting out of the gate to even compete next November.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Joe Manchin: A Two-Faced Man Who Became a God in the Political Universe

Two-faced Janus was an ancient Roman god with one face looking forward, and the other looking back.

Like Janus, Joe Manchin is a two-faced god in the Senate who claims to be a Democrat but caucuses too often with Republicans to believe him.

Unlike Janus whose job was to keep evil spirits out of homes, buildings, shrines, schools and wherever there was a doorway or gate, Manchin is all about closing doorways. Especially by threatening not to vote on key bills like supporting voting rights and Build Back Better bill.  

The Romans thought so much of old two-faced Janus they named the first month of the year January in his honor.

Manchin whose reveling in his temporary deity status is not interested in honor. No month of the year will ever bear his name. His place in history will be ensconced in the political hypocrite's hall of shame.

Like Icarus in Greek mythology who got too close to the sun, Manchin will eventually pay for his political duality someday.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Alt-Right Fall Back: Become Catholic and You Can Still Be a Troll But Have God on Your Side

    Nicholas Fuentes' Groyper Army and "America First" 

The last year has been difficult for members of the alt right crowd as they got de-platformed and rounded up for being insurrectionists.

The hunt for traitors has extended into the halls of Congress, and the executive wing, according to the Jan. 6 Select Committee.

Like the white supremacist's movement to reframe their message, a couple of decades ago, Maga morons are trying to get legitimized by finding religion. You may be aware that many evangelicals already support Trump acolytes.

Not so commonly known is the fact that Stop the Steal founder Ali Alexander made a splashy announcement of his conversion to the Catholic Church only days before he helped direct a mob of protestors to the Capitol. 

Several months later, in mid-March, disgraced former Breitbart writer and alt-right star Milo Yiannopoulos told LifeSiteNews that joining the Catholic Church had helped him become "ex-gay."

He has been joined by a number of other far-right figures who have conspicuously intertwined their political advocacy with right-wing Catholicism, including Jack Posobiec, the Pizzagate promoter turned right-wing commentator, and Nicholas Fuentes, the youthful founder of the America First or "groyper" movement, who has built a massive online following. 

Watching the growing political polarization within the world's largest religious denomination, is damning evidence of the far right's efforts to infuse their actions with a spiritual purpose.

The far right is using Catholic imagery as an identity marker to give themselves a sense that what they do is blessed from above.

It's cynical and immoral. But it's happening. Now it's up to the mainstream Catholic Church to purge the political virus infecting their message of love and peace.

Deus vult.

It's Time the Mainstream Media Admits This is not a Normal Election

The mainstream media is sending signals that they don't know what to do about the most corrupt presidential candidate in history. Trump ...