Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Case for Reincarnation: Meet James Leininger

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 I’ve got a story for you today that will either reinforce your belief in reincarnation, or you’ll call the amazing facts in this story coincidental and write them off.

Your choice. Here’s the story:

James Leininger (photo) was not yet 2 years old when he began to have terrible nightmares. His parents knew he would outgrow them, but his screams frightened them.

When they would come to his bedside, they often found him on his back, kicking his legs in the air and thrashing his arms - as if he were trying to escape from an imaginary box. He would also yell some garbled words that his parents could not understand.

When he was three, his Mom heard the words more clearly. "Airplane crash. On fire! Little man can't get out!"

James had played with toy airplanes but he had never fantasized about them crashing or burning. He wasn't exposed to war movies on television or in the cinema. His parents were puzzled. The boy's nightmares seem to have started shortly after his father took him to visit a Dallas flight museum, containing some vintage aircraft, when the boy was just 18 months old. But why?

As his fascination with airplanes continued, so did his nightmares. His parents bought him more toy model airplanes to play with, thinking he would soon find other interests. They noticed that when he approached his toy sit-down airplane, he would perform a walk-around inspection before he got in - just like a real pilot. Once his mother gave him a model with what appeared to be a bomb on the underside. When she pointed this out to her son he immediately corrected her, telling her it was a "drop tank."

"I've never heard of a drop tank ... I didn't know what a drop tank was" said Andrea Leininger.

When James was a little more than three years old, his parents decided to take him to a therapist who specialized in treating troubled children. Almost immediately his nightmares started to diminish. James was encouraged to talk about the things he remembered just before bedtime, when he was relaxed and sleepy. It was then that his surprising story started to be revealed.

Among the amazing things little James told his parents was that he was a pilot and flew a Corsair airplane. According to James, "They used to get flat tires all the time." He also recalled being assigned to a ship called "Natoma" and that he had been "shot down" by the Japanese in the battle of Iwo Jima! He further recalled that he had served with a buddy named "Jack Larson."

All of this was too much for his parents to comprehend so they decided to see if this story had any factual basis. Almost immediately James' father, Bruce, found that a Corsair was indeed a type of airplane used in the Pacific during WWII and that it did have a reputation for blowing tires when it landed hard! He later found the record of a small aircraft carrier, Natoma Bay, that was in the battle of Iwo Jima! But the most remarkable fact was that there was a pilot named Jack Larson who served on the Natoma Bay. In fact, Larson was still alive and living in nearby Arkansas.

About this time James began to draw pictures of his airplane and of being shot down. The fact that he was both drawing and talking about these memories seemed to eliminate his nightmares.

Bruce quickly contacted Jack Larson and was informed that the only pilot shot down from the crew of the Natoma Bay was named James M. Huston Jr., who had received a direct hit and crashed in a ball of fire. Bruce says it was then that he believed his son had a past life in which he was this same James M. Huston Jr.

"He came back because he wasn't finished with something."

The Leiningers wrote a letter to Huston's sister, Anne Barron, about their little boy. Now she believes it as well. In all there are over 50 distinct memories that have been validated in this exceptional case of reincarnation.

"The child was so convincing in coming up with all the things that there is no way on the world he could know." (By Gary Vey,

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Waiting for Justice: Will another angry white man get away with killing a black teenager?

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 In some ways the mainstream media has downplayed the case of Michael Dunn, the man who senselessly murdered a teenager because he didn’t like his “Thug music.”

The similarities between this trial and the Travyon Martin/George Zimmerman trial are apparent. Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law has turned the state into a shooting gallery where whites shoot blacks and get away with it, claiming they felt threatened.

Some legal experts say Dunn will not be able to successfully invoke the Stand Your Ground Law defense, but his lawyer sure is trying. If Dunn gets off on some technicality there’s going to be open warfare in Florida. The sanctioned killing has to stop.

The latest news story on the trial

“Jurors resumed deliberations Thursday in the trial of a white Florida man who shot and killed a black teenager after an argument over loud rap music.

Michael Dunn, 47, a software engineer, claims he acted in self-defense when he fired ten rounds at an SUV with four teens inside while parked at a Jacksonville, Fla., gas station. His shots killed Jordan Davis, 17, of Marietta, Ga.

Dunn is charged with first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder for the November 2012 shooting. His case, which has attracted international attention, has been compared to that of George Zimerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in the death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

But experts say the defense team in Dunn's case faces a much bigger uphill battle than Zimmerman's attorneys did.” Whole story here

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Backstory: The Real Men in Black

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Ever since the early 1950s, long before the first "Men in Black" movie hit the silver screen in 1997, men dressed in identical black suits, hats and sunglasses, claiming to be government agents, have reportedly shown up in black cars at the homes or offices of people who reported UFO sightings.

According to those who were paid these unwelcome visits, the MIBs threatened or harassed the eyewitnesses into staying quiet about their UFO encounters.

This website profiles 10 accounts of encounters with Men in Black. Here’s the first recorded encounter:

1947: Harold Dahl reported seeing a group of UFOs while he was on a boat in Washington's Puget Sound. Soon after, he said, he was approached by a black-suited individual who threatened him and his family if he ever talked again about the UFO sighting.

Go here to see the rest.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Senator Feinstein & husband set to make millions off taxpayer dollars!

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Today we’re going to look at a case of corruption involving Senator Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum.

Here’s the backstory: the US entered into a contract with a private firm to sell 56 buildings that currently house U.S. Post Offices. The estimated amount from the sales is $19 billion.

The way the deal is set up a regular real estate commission will be given to a private company that’s handling the sales. The company’s name is CRI, and it’s owned by none other than Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum.

The thing is most voters and the government people who approved the deal did not make the connection between Feinstein and Blum. The upshot of this underhanded deal is Feinstein and Blum stand to make between $950 million to $1.1 billion dollars!

What really irritates me is all those properties were paid for with tax payer money. To add to this stinking scenario the money – minus real estate commissions – is going to the U.S.P.S  an organization so poorly managed that it lost $117 billion dollars in 10 years.

My question is why hasn’t the mainstream media picked this up? How does a U.S. Senator get away with organizing such a sweet deal under the public radar? Have we become so elitist that there’s no longer any fear of government oversight?

It’s no coincidence that these two public crooks have different last names; It’s merely a feeble attempt at avoiding transparency in these kinds of transactions.

This information has been verified at

and, at Use it as you see fit.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Justin Bieber doing prison time? I doubt it with his money

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How does a snot-nosed Canadian punk become an idol in America?

I’ll never understand what Justine Bieber brings to the table that millions follow him on social media sites, buy his records, and go to his concerts.

Throw in the fact that he thinks he can do whatever he wants wherever he’s at, and you have the making of a monster.

I always considered him a piss poor white boy imitation of Michael Jackson (golden glove anyone?). Here’s a random sampling of what Bieber boy has been up to in the last month. He’d make any mother proud wouldn’t he? NOT!

Justin Bieber charged with assault in limo driver case

Justin Bieber arrest: DUI and drag racing charges dropped in drastic U-turn

Justin Bieber Had Pot, Pills in His System During DUI Arrest: Toxicology Report

Justin Bieber Flagged by Customs Because of Criminal Charges

I know he has – I’ll put this lightly – a RABID FOLLOWING, but it doesn’t mean he’s a great person. It means he’s a pretty boy adored by countless girls in North America, and can sing like a bird with Tourette's syndrome!

But Bieb also has plenty of people in the states who are sick of his spoiled antics:

Deport Justin Bieber petition tops 100,000; White House must respond

Can you see President Obama banning the Bieb from our shores?

Perhaps the thing that bothers me most is the fact that the criminal justice system in the United States and Canada favors the wealthy. The following article may lead you to think there’s a chance Bieber will get in trouble for breaking multiple laws…but don’t bet the bank on it!

Justin Bieber could face federal prison time and a hefty fine if the Federal Aviation Authority finds he interfered with the flight crew aboard a private jet, according to authorities.

Last week, NBC News exclusively obtained a law enforcement report that said Bieber and his father had been “extremely abusive” to a flight attendant during a flight from Canada to New Jersey on Jan. 31, forcing her to take refuge in the cockpit.

“The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana,” said the report.

The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse.”

According to multiple law enforcement sources, the leased Gulfstream IV on which Bieber, his father and 10 friends traveled to Teterboro, N.J. was so full of marijuana smoke that the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks.” Full story here

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Monday, February 10, 2014

‘The Monuments Men’ movie opens to mixed reviews

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 The “The Monuments Men” movie was released this weekend to mixed reviews.

The movie was hailed by some:

“The Monuments Men” movie review: Clooney brings home a thrilling wartime drama 


 Panned by others:

The Monuments Men” has landed with a thud and a splutter at the Berlin film festival.

And, still others tried to apologize for the film’s weaknesses:

“This is not a terrible movie. It's just not consistently good enough to get excited about. It's the kind of film that you'll stumble across on TV, watch for a few minutes thinking, "This is all right, I don't know why everybody was so hard on it," then change the channel.”

What’s the movie about?

I put together this collection of articles and videos that will tell the whole story – something the movie didn’t have time to do.

My research drills down into the entire story while leading up to the last days of the war.

It was Adolf Hitler’s dream to have his own museum – The F├╝hrermuseum  which was slated to be in the Austrian city of Linz under the name the Linz Collection.

It was going to be a huge museum complex housing all of the world’s great art. That art was bought, confiscated and outright stolen by Hitler’s henchmen, before and during WW II.

The Americans and their allies spent years recovering the stolen and confiscated art from throughout the world. The discovery process is still going on today!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

California Meat Recall: 8.7 million pounds of diseased & unsound animals discovered

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I’ve got a story for you that will help you become a vegetarian if you aren’t already one!

Nearly 9 million pounds of meat products has been recalled by a California company that processed "diseased and unsound animals," according to federal regulators.

The meat from the Rancho Feeding Corp. of Petaluma, Calif., was processed without proper inspections and was considered unfit for human consumption, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said Saturday on its website.

The recall listed beef carcasses and boxes with the establishment number "EST.527" in the USDA inspection mark, the agency said. In addition, the boxes carry a case code number ending in "3" or "4." The recall said distribution lists would be posted at

Full story here

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sochi by TV: It’s safer than being there!

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You couldn’t get me to go to Sochi for the Winter Olympics if you gave me free tickets to all of the events, and provided free food and lodging.

I’ve got at least three good reasons (see news stories below) why I wouldn’t go. Sure, I hate flying and the idea of visiting Putin Land Russia is less than attractive.

You could return to the states with all of your personal data stolen by hackers, you might end up on a plane with a person carrying a toothpaste bomb, or you’ll be poisoned by urine-colored tap water.

Throw in some “Black Widows” looking to blow themselves up and as many people around them as possible, and it’s hard to argue with my reasoning.

Call me silly, but I think I’ll watch the games on television in the security of my own home where the tap water is drinkable, I have Norton Cyber Protection, and don’t have to worry about some nut with exploding toothpaste tubes!

Hacked With Minutes: Sochi Visitors Face Internet Minefield

Tourist and visitor’s to Sochi can expect to be hacked the moment they log on the the interenet with their smart phones and computers. Local criminals clutter cyberspace with traps to pick up your personal data the minute you do. Russian authorities aren’t even warning visitors.

Feds Warn Russian Planes About Toothpaste Bombs

The U.S. government has sent an advisory to airlines that fly into Russia, warning them that recent intelligence suggests terrorists might try to smuggle explosives onto planes by using toothpaste tubes.”

Welcome to Sochi: Beware the water

“Welcome to Sochi 2014, the dystopian-like Games where a simple shower poses a threat to your face, fire alarms ring constantly and several hotels remain unfinished. Russian President Vladimir Putin spent more than $50 billion on these Games — the most expensive Olympics, winter or summer, ever — yet he seemingly forgot to pay the water bill.

When the water eventually came back on at my hotel - my temporary housing for a night until my scheduled room could be finished - the water that poured through the faucet was dark yellow. It was the color of apple juice or a performance enhancing drug test specimen. The shower left what looked like fish food flakes coating the tub.

I took a picture of the water and tweeted it out. "On the bright side," I wrote, "I now know what dangerous face water looks like."

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is there something fishy about the castaway Mexican fisherman’s story?

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Call me a skeptic.

I want to get on board and believe a Mexican fisherman defied all odds and set a record for survival while helplessly adrift at sea.

But something about the story smells.

 Jose Salvador Alvarenga does not fit the classic image of a person lost at sea for months on end. It looks too damn healthy. Look at those chubby cheeks.

From all reports, he was pretty healthy, despite having trouble standing due to swollen joints. The really odd part is there was no fishing gear…nothing to catch the fish, turtles and even sharks he said he survived on.  

Here’s  a recent news report about Alvarenga’s miraculous feat of survival:

“Pacific castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga's claim that he spent more than a year drifting in the ocean before he washed up on the Marshall Islands last week is being supported by fellow fisherman in Mexico who remember when he vanished and assumed he was dead.

"It’s a great surprise," fisherman Belarmino Rodriguez Solis told the El Universal newspaper. "Nobody survives more than two or three months in those conditions.” Full story here

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How has heroin become an epidemic in the 21st Century?


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 Growing up in the 1950s, I knew heroin was dangerous like every other kid on the street. That was nothing cool about it. It was actually scary.

Alcohol, in the 1950s was an excepted risk. If you got drunk and killed yourself or someone else, society shook it’s head but didn’t ban alcohol.

Generations of Americans grew up with the knowledge that heroin was the worst thing there was to get addicted too in the 19th and 20th centuries. Cigarettes and caffeine, despite being addictive have always been legal and are accepted risks in our society.

Heroin never had a good name or reputation. It’s always gone hand-in-hand with low life characters, thieves, and murderers. Yet, here we are in the 21st Century looking at a growing population of heroin addicts and wondering why now?

America is hooked on drugs that’s why. If it isn’t meth, it’s Purple drank. Heroin is the granddaddy to all of our drug addictions, a close cousin to opium and other powerful drugs. It’s more than just the cost – heroin can be affordable like meth – it’s the message that is being sent out to a population of people who are feeling helpless in this world that we must pay attention too.

Check out this video on the Heroin Crisis

Do we have to start a new drug campaign and educate people to the dangers of heroin? Has it slipped alongside the rest of the other drugs out there because of universal despair? Heroin is deadlier today than it’s ever been.

Find out why in this article:

The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from an apparent overdose of heroin has, like the death of “Glee” star Cory Monteith, highlighted the resurgence in use of a narcotic that once seemed to be fading away.Philip Seymour Hoffman

In recent years, another danger has popped up. Heroin laced with the powerful anesthetic fentanyl, or fentanyl simply labeled as heroin, has killed hundreds of people.

Last spring, the CDC conducted an investigation into a sudden spike of overdose deaths in Rhode Island. It found a cluster of 12 deaths in people aged 19 to 57 attributable to a synthetic version of fentanyl called acetyl fentanyl which is much more potent than heroin.

Though acetyl fentanyl has no legitimate pharmaceutical use and is not available by prescription anywhere, similar reports of fentanyl-related deaths have occurred around the country.

Reports have stated that bags of heroin in Hoffman’s office were stamped “Ace of Spades” and “Ace of Hearts.” It was too soon Monday to know if the heroin Hoffman injected was tainted.”

Read full story here

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Beer Drones – Sign Petition to Get FAA OK…okay?

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 How much more American is it than to have your beer delivered by drone?

We might as well face up to our fascination with drones. We like to kill our enemies with them and their really great for spying on traffic and giving us tickets.

Hobbyists want to see air space cleared for them when they whip out their drones and demonstrate ways to invade our privacy. I heard about one town in the Midwest that wants to declare “open season on them.”

Personally, I don’t trust them. But entrepreneurs everywhere are waiting to get on the “Drone Train” to deliver their wares. Here’s a good example for you:  

“The Internet cheered when Minnesota-based brewing company Lakemaid Beer demo-ed a new way to deliver their seasonal special to thirsty customers fishing on a faraway frozen lake: by drone! But the FAA quickly shut down the plan.

"The problem of ice anglers is they’re way, way out on the lake and they’re there for the whole weekend so we needed a way to keep them in beer," Jack Supple, president of Lakemaid told NBC News.

But days after the company posted a YouTube clip showing a successful delivery of a 12-pack of Frosty Winter Lager ("a nice craft lager, all malt, with an icicle sparkle of hops at the end") by hexacopter, Supple got a call from an inspector and regional supervisor at the FAA — whose guidelines prohibit the operation of drones by commercial entities — explaining that the flights were in violation of guidelines.

Now beer-by-drone enthusiasts have signed a statement petitioning the White House to "Force the FAA to issue an Airworthiness Certificate for Beer Drones (BUAV's)."

The goal is to get 100,000 backers by March 1 — and as of Friday evening, 128 people had signed on.”

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There's a New Reality in America: The Threats Artificial Intelligence Poses

For over 100 years science fiction writers have written about robots, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence (AI) . Their fictional musings ...