Monday, February 10, 2014

‘The Monuments Men’ movie opens to mixed reviews

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 The “The Monuments Men” movie was released this weekend to mixed reviews.

The movie was hailed by some:

“The Monuments Men” movie review: Clooney brings home a thrilling wartime drama 


 Panned by others:

The Monuments Men” has landed with a thud and a splutter at the Berlin film festival.

And, still others tried to apologize for the film’s weaknesses:

“This is not a terrible movie. It's just not consistently good enough to get excited about. It's the kind of film that you'll stumble across on TV, watch for a few minutes thinking, "This is all right, I don't know why everybody was so hard on it," then change the channel.”

What’s the movie about?

I put together this collection of articles and videos that will tell the whole story – something the movie didn’t have time to do.

My research drills down into the entire story while leading up to the last days of the war.

It was Adolf Hitler’s dream to have his own museum – The Führermuseum  which was slated to be in the Austrian city of Linz under the name the Linz Collection.

It was going to be a huge museum complex housing all of the world’s great art. That art was bought, confiscated and outright stolen by Hitler’s henchmen, before and during WW II.

The Americans and their allies spent years recovering the stolen and confiscated art from throughout the world. The discovery process is still going on today!

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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