Sunday, January 3, 2021

Christian Nationalism Versus the Pandemic

I'll get right to the point; Americans who embrace Christian nationalism are skeptical of science.

Followers believe scientists are hostile to the faithful. 

This twisted notion goes back hundreds of years to when the Catholic Church barbequed scientists claiming they were wizards or heretics.

The bottom line was the Catholic church wanted complete control over the masses, mentally and physically.

No surprise then when a recent study found that Christian nationalism is a leading predictor of ignoring precautionary behaviors regarding COVID-19.

Research has revealed that religious states disobey stay-at-home orders at a higher rate than anyone else in the country.

Christian nationalists prize individual liberty or economic security rather than the protection of the vulnerable.

Today the Christian nationalists in America strongly support politicians who promise to advance their values and oppose targets of suspicion.

This defiance of science has cost thousands of lives last year. Ignoring social distancing advice from the CDC may have been an act of faith to followers, but it was deadly for the rest of the country.

The worst is still coming because Christian nationalists are anti-vaxxers. The only way out of this worldwide pandemic is vaccines. 

Americans want to return to a normal life, but that time will be extended when religious zealots oppose the science that is our very salvation. 

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