Monday, January 4, 2021

Why is Trump's Unhinged Abuse of Power Going Unchecked?

Trump meltdown.



Abuse of power for all to see and hear.

Why is Trump getting away with openly trying to steal the 2020 election? 

His latest naked attempt to cheat has been recorded Here is the audio tape. He tried to get the Georgia secretary of state to illegally overturn the state's voting results.

It was another "perfect call." The other happened last January when he tried to extort the president of the Ukraine to dig dirt up on Biden.

What's it going to take for the Republicans - especially those in the Senate - to pick country over this madman trying to subvert democracy and a fair election?

He's been enabled for far too long, and now this is the price the nation has to pay. A dangerous sociopath who won't stop at anything to live his fantasy of winning the election that he lost in reality.

Unless the Republican party - along with the Democrats - stop his escalating madness during the next 16 days, the nation may pay even a bigger price than it already has for not holding him responsible throughout his presidency.

There must be something Congress can do to assure national security isn't further compromised by Trump.

Right? Right?

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