Friday, January 8, 2021

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Should Be Charged With Aiding and Abetting Trump's Insurrection

It's time Jack Dorsey, Twitter's chief executive, should pay a price for allowing Trump to bypass mainstream media, and viciously lie repeatedly during the last four years.

Dorsey's disregard of truth is inexcusable. No matter what his lame response has been for allowing Trump to pollute America, it simply doesn't hold water.

Just look at Dorsey's response to Trump's treasonous action that put all of the members of Congress in harms way - he suspended Trump's account for 12 hours.

JUST 12 HOURS! Other media platforms, like Facebook, are banning Trump indefinitely.

One of the reasons the riot was so successful was that Twitter allowed Trump and others to "call for action" which resulted in and armed assault against lawmakers in the nation's capitol.

Because Trump was never called out by Twitter (until very recently) his actions became more dangerous with every passing month.

Trump unfettered became more aggressive with the passage of time until he got to the place where he convinced his followers to assault the rule of law with impunity.

Here's what really pisses me off about Dorsey; he's allowed Trump to violate Twitter rules because Trump was "newsworthy."


Now millions of Americans believe the 2020 election was stolen because Trump said so, making Dorsey accountable for the armed insurrection.

Everyone is watching Trump closely now. The Pentagon is in the process of protecting the nuclear codes against our unhinged president as I write this.

Let's not forget about Jack Dorsey's complicity in this sad state of affairs. He failed to help prevent future attacks against our democracy.

He needs to be held liable, and made an example of. There's enough traitors in the country enabling Trump without Dorsey stirring the pot.

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