Sunday, September 20, 2020

Trump/McConnell/Graham Power Play is a Naked Display of Hypocrisy and Corruption

Pandemic Diary

Day 189

Dear Diary,

Ruth Bader Ginsberg's body was barely cold before Trump was celebrating and tweeting orders to move "without delay" to replace her. 

No doubt it was the last-minute surprise that he's been hoping for. Something had to happen to gin up his failing campaign and RBG's death was a lifeline.

Picking another conservative Supreme Court judge is a big deal. Especially for conservatives who want to overturn Roe vs Wade. Trump sees this sudden opening as a way to win the day. With the help of shameless hypocrite Mitch McConnell, the mission is to confirm a nominee before Election Day - or if necessary, after the election regardless of the results.

McConnell, whose stance in 2016 on advancing supreme court picks during an election year was wait for the new administration to make that selection, did a complete about face two days ago. Now, suddenly it's okay to shove a pick through weeks before election day. Talk about gall.

Second only to McConnell for the master hypocrite award, Lindsey Graham's neck is swiveling 360 degrees like Linda Blaire's in the exorcist. He too is on record (and video) saying that it's wrong to pick a supreme court judge during an election year.

But surprise. As chairman for the Senate Judiciary committee lying Lindsey thinks it's a great idea, because his master Trump want's it done.

In the coming days there's going to be delays, legions of lawyers trying to prove their cases for one side or the other, and an all out brawl between Democrats and Republicans. 

Granted, it already seems like an all out brawl, but apparently we haven't seen anything yet. Just the thought of this new challenge is like listening to someone scratch a blackboard with their nails.

I've witnessed administrations coming and going since Truman, and I honestly can say I've never seen a more dangerous political power play than the one Trump and his minions are attempting right now. They're lust for power destroys the boundaries of ethics, morals, and equal justice. But the three stooges traitors don't care.

I'm heartened by what happening the morning after RBG died. News videos showed Virginians showing up hours before polling places opened.

The state started early voting last Friday. People formed a long line that went on for blocks. They stood there for hours, determined that their vote would count. 

So what encouraged me?

When I looked at the people in that long line, they were all wearing facemasks and social distancing. That suggested to me they were democrats because they believe in science. 

As if to confirm my suspicion news videos showed a group (maybe 25) Trump supporters - without masks and shoulder-to-shoulder - standing in front of the polling place waving Trump flags, shouting, blowing horns, and acting like asses dressed up for Halloween.

Some people in the line were intimidated by the groups actions and had to be escorted out of the polling place by officials. But they persevered in order to see Trump and his minions run out of Washington DC on November 3rd. 

The pathetic little group of Trump supporters looked lonely as they played out Trump's reality show amid thousands of democratic voters. It was another one of those surreal moments 2020 has become known for.

Quote for the Day: "One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside." -John Lennon

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