Sunday, March 23, 2014

About Owl Monkeys and Monogamy

Good Day World!

 A shout out today to Jocko my monkey friend!

Meet the owl monkey’s of Argentina.

These little buggers are cute and apparently make up solid family units where Dad doesn’t cheat on Mom!

Never heard of an owl monkey? Well, today is your lucky day:

“The wide-eyed, smiley-faced male Azara’s owl monkeys of Argentina are among the most faithful mates and best fathers in the world, according to a study that also found a strong link between fidelity and the quality of child care in 15 mammalian species.

Azara's owl monkey is the first primate and only the fifth animal species shown to be perfectly monogamous. The other animals are the California mouse, certain coyotes, the Malagasy giant jumping rat, and Kirk's dik-dik, a small antelope.

Two studies published last July offered conflicting explanations for the origin of monogamy. One argued that males stuck with their mates to protect their offspring, while the other suggested that males clung to females to protect their breeding rights with their mate. That question remains unresolved.” (Full story here)

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