Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday’s child: a short essay on twisted logic

Good Day World!

Welcome to Thursday.

For starters, Thursday was named after the Planet Jupiter (or Thor – the Nordic name for Jupiter).

Thursday’s child is said to be honorable, expansive, generous, jovial, philosophical and/or extravagant, conceited, hypocritical, sharp-tongued, and fanatical.

Some of history's most infamous agitators were born on a Thursday. In fact, lower down the wretched pecking order, the human archive is teeming with a veritable rogue's gallery of scoundrels, con men and miscreants who all share a hidden secret: they were born on a Thursday.

Even today, wherever there's trouble in the world, look around and there's bound to be someone with their hand in it who was born on a Thursday.

There is of course nothing exclusive about people born on a Thursday, or any other day of the week for that matter. So why bring it up?

Because the logic behind isolating and generalizing about people born on a Thursday is the same twisted logic behind isolating and generalizing about any group of people.

Yet such sweeping judgments are as widespread today as ever; and they are passed down in varying measures upon, for example, blacks, whites, Indians, albinos, vegans, cat-lovers, tightrope walkers, Sagittarians, chess players, women hockey players, and of course Laker’s supporters.

In fact just about anyone who is different to you. So, don’t allow yourself to be branded by anything – your race, religion, or the day you were born. For the record, I was born on a Thursday.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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