Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why can’t I find a real Picasso on a thrift-store shelf?

Video still of Zach Bodish with his thrift store Picasso find (© The Columbus Dispatch/

My wife and I enjoy watching shows like American Pickers, Auction Kings, Storage Wars, and the series Pawn Shop. (Chumley is the man!) Checking out thrift stores is also one of our pastimes.

We both dream of going to a garage sale, a flea market, or thrift store, and finding a hidden treasure.

That’s just what happened for one lucky thrift store regular – Zack Bodish: 

“Zach Bodish, a thrift store regular, paid $14.14 for a framed Picasso "poster" at the Clintonville, Ohio, Volunteers of America outlet. But after some online research, he learned that the red signature in the corner had probably come from the artist's own pen and that it might be worth $6,000 -- or about 428 more thrift-store shopping sprees. Ohio State art professor Lisa Florman examined it, declares it is not a poster but a signed print and said Picasso created it for a 1958 exhibition of his ceramic works. Bodish is already debating what to do with his bargain-priced Picasso. "There's a good chance I'll probably sell it," he told the Columbus Dispatch. "I want to keep it, but money is tight."

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