Monday, March 26, 2012

I never realized how dangerous playing pool can be…

I haven’t played pool in a few years, but there was a time I played it regularly. I don’t claim to be a great shooter, or even an above average player…but I did win a game now and then.

At no time did I ever feel like I was in danger while playing pool. The closest I came to concern was when I was stationed at Ft. MacArthur in San Pedro, with the 101st MPs, in 1971.

I road around in a patrol car with a crazed Irish giant seeking confrontations with just about anyone, and we had to go into bars where GI’s were fighting and break up the fracas. During the course of arresting a drunken soldier, I was smacked from behind with a pool stick! It’s lucky I have a thick skull and the blow didn’t kill me.

As it were, I had trouble walking in a straight line for the rest of the day. That’s the closest I ever came to experiencing violence connected to a game of pool. Note, I wasn’t playing it at the time. Now, I have to rethink the whole issue of danger and playing pool after reading about this fellow:

A British man has had the tip of a pool cue removed from his brain after skewering himself through the eye when he slipped over during a game.

Doctors in Leeds, northern England, initially thought Andy Parsons (photo right), 31, was only hurt superficially after the accident and stitched his eyelid. But his eye failed to reopen properly after three months and an MRI scan revealed the pool cue tip was embedded in his brain.

A team of surgeons spent ten hours removing part of his skull, following the entry route of the cue and removing the tip, before rebuilding the top of his nose and brow. Parsons, from Knaresborough, told The Sun, "I know I'm lucky to be alive. I never thought pool was such a dangerous game." (source)

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