Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I hope never to see in public - Part I: Large naked women stomping through driver’s windshields


I don’t know about you, but there’s things I hope to never run across while I’m out in public. The list is quite long, so I’m going to have to share examples one at a time to give each full exposure (pun intended).

My first example ( story below) scarred my brain (I admit it was the photo) even though I wasn’t personally there! It also cured my recent case of chronic hiccups!


“It's hard to know who's having the worse day here: the naked woman stomping on this car or the guy the car belongs to. “The woman had been removed from a light-rail train wearing nothing but her shoes and was being evaluated by medical personnel when she "threw off the blanket that had been wrapped around her," according to SFist, and climbed on the hood of John Knight's Volvo before kicking in his windshield.

Knight won't be pressing charges against the woman; his biggest challenge might be convincing his insurance company of exactly how the damage occurred: "They didn't really know what to make of it," he said.”

Photo by Paula Maxa of said woman in action. [SF Gate]

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