Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Shootings Cast Doubt on Threat of Al Qaeda

“This week’s school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, has predictably raised the issues of gun control and bullying.  In my mind one of the issues these school shootings highlights is the empty threat of al Qaeda.  Some of you are saying, “what the hell is he talking about?!“  Just give me a couple of paragraphs and I’ll explain.

We’re spending billions of dollars a year on fighting a “global war on terror” justified primarily on al Qaeda.  However, since 9/11, American students have killed more people in this country than al Qaeda.                       Consider the chart above:

For those counting, that’s School Shootings 98, al Qaeda 1 (maybe).

I’m not saying al Qaeda never existed, but they clearly peaked on 9/11.  Now either they are dead or have been defeated to the point of incompetence.  How else can you explain why they haven’t come close to matching the terror sown here by a few disturbed American children?  Mere children have been able to exploit American freedom and identify soft targets to strike.  I’m doubting that there is a well-funded international conspiracy that can’t match the horror of a few kids.

I can hear them now saying, “Well, we have to fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here.”  I’ll respond that if they were a serious threat we would in fact be fighting them here.  Since we haven’t been able to prevent a few American children from committing acts of terror in their schools, you would think the people who pulled off the 9/11 attacks would have done even more evil on American soil.

Look, I’m not daring al Qaeda to step up to the terror production of American 8-year-olds.  I’m saying the neocons and other hawks can no longer use al Qaeda as a boogeyman to justify outrageous overspending on the defense budget.  I’m done buying it.” – Words from Wisefather

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