Saturday, June 10, 2023

It Could Be a Problem: Florida is a Red State with Red Jurors Who Can't See Past Red

Despite recent setbacks, Trump is smiling about where his trial will be held in the classified documents case where he's been charged with espionage and obstruction of justice.

Ruby red Miami Florida.

Recently a Central Florida criminal defense attorney, Rob Mandell admitted that the state has a long history of acquitting elected officials accused of wrongdoing by the feds.

They just don't like feds in the Republic of Florida, especially since elected officials like Gov. Ron DeSantis is at war with the entire federal government.

It's a perfect venue for the most corrupt former president in US history to be tried. Politics trump (pun intended) the constitution and rule of law in the Sunshine State. 

Trump is counting on that because he has no real defense against the charges filed against him. There's just too much evidence. 

In a fair hearing it would be a slam dunk, but the chance of a MAGA mole (or two) getting on the jury - despite lawyer's assertions everyone is carefully vetted - is higher in Florida than any other state.

And look who the judge is. 

MAGA judge Aileen Connor who was chastened by her peers for slowing down the FBI's investigation and making weird rulings in Trump favor. It's not entirely clear she will be responsible for the case throughout its duration. If she is, then Trump already has someone in his pocket.

It's apparent the feds are going to have their work cut out for them. 

Mandell summed up the situation when he told the press, "Good luck finding a Trump supporter finding Trump guilty, despite whatever the evidence is."

As it stands, we better hope Mr. Mandell is not right about the juror selection, and this still turns out to be a fair trial.

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