Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Mistake We Make When Trying to Communicate with Political Extremists

First off... you're never going to convince a MAGA minion that Trump isn't the son of God, and his holy mission is to get rid of the Deep State.

It's best to smile at extremists and not engage them in conversation. Just keep walking.

Trying to communicate with political extremists is a losing proposition no matter what you do to draw them into reality.

Understand, extremists have profound convictions that oppose the fundamental values of society, the laws of democracy and universal human rights while advocating their supremacy.

We have MAGA morons in Congress that gleefully deviate from the norm and show contempt for life, freedom, and human rights. You can't reason with people like them because they exist in an alternate universe.

We need to keep that in mind when dealing with them.

It really becomes awkward when you have family members or old friends that slipped off the apple cart and follow crap like QAnon and Trump. That's where the smile comes in and you try to change the conversation.

The pandemic has enabled extremism to go to greater heights than ever before as science and facts became political footballs in our society and government.

Crazy COVID myths threatened lives as people swallowed bleach and put lights up their bums for protection from COVID-19. Don't even think about trying to talk sense with them. Again. Just walk away.

The average person sees compromise as a reasonable alternative to solving problems, but political extremists see it as a sign of weakness.

But the biggest mistake we make is when we start letting the loons have free rent in our heads. Thereon lies the road to misery.

As it stands, it helps to know that political extremists are a loud minority in America.

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