Friday, June 9, 2023

Special Counsel Unseals 37 Criminal Counts Against Trump: It's Worse Than You Thought

No more idle speculation.

(Photo shows fallen boxes of classified documents in Trump's storage room.)

Trump is in bigly trouble after Special Counsel Jack Smith unveiled the charges against him today.

Here's the full text of the charges.

The DOJ laid Trump's crimes out in such granular detail it was almost shocking. The amount of evidence makes this a very strong case, which even Trump cronies have to admit.

Two more Trump attorneys (who just the night before went on TV and said Trump wouldn't be charged) ditched him when the charges were read. It was serious stuff, and they knew it.

A Trump aide, Walt Nauta, was also indicted for obstructing justice for helping Trump hide the classified documents.

Boxes of stolen documents were stored in a ballroom (open to guests), a shower(!), in a bedroom, and some were sent to his other residence in New Jersey.

One of the worst breeches was the Top-Secret information he had on an intel program with five countries called "Five Eyes." It was an intelligence gathering agreement between the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

It gets worse.

Trump had stashed classified defense documents and weapon capabilities of both the US and foreign countries, including US nuclear programs, according to the indictment.

And worse.

The documents discovered in his residence contained potential vulnerabilities of the US and its allies to a military attack - as well as plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack.

One of the charges involved showing classified documents on two occasions to others with no security clearances. 

In 73 years, I've seen a lot of historic moments and was even involved in some in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

I remember the Watts riots in Los Angeles. Watching the first man land on the moon. The 9/11 attack. Two wars with Iraq. War with Afghanistan. Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Russia invading Ukraine. A president getting impeached twice, but not getting kicked out of office.

But this classified document case has to be the biggest event in my lifetime. The thought is almost inconceivable that a former president has committed treason and put America's security at risk.

As it stands, Special Counsel Jack Smith said he wants a speedy trial (every American's right) and I hope that's what happens.

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