Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Trump's Classified Documents Investigation Nears Indictment: Then What?

The Mar-a-Lago probe is at DEFCON 5.

After Trump's lawyers skulked out of a meeting at the Department of Justice the other day, they apparently didn't have positive news for their client.

The federal grand jury convened this week after a hiatus, and it looks like they're ready to get this party started and to indict Trump any day now. Possibly even this week. One thing is for sure, federal prosecutor's will have him arrested... but in their own time.

Remember the last investigation that ended in an indictment but not on the day Trump said? There was good reasons for that. 

One was to avoid violent protests. The same holds true this time. When his lawyers told him that an indictment was imminent Trump predictably lost his mind. Now he's trying to control the narrative by saying it's Biden who should be indicted.  

He's blasting away on his failing web site Truth Social hourly.

His senseless accusations and lies are growing more desperate as his enemies are going to hold him accountable for obstructing justice in this case.

But Trump faces more peril as a RICO case is building against him in Georgia where he tried to overturn the will of the voters by cheating. And the DOJ isn't done with him. Then there's this little matter of his coup attempt at the Capitol in Jan. 6.

The question is what happens when they arrest him? Do they hold him in jail until the trial? I doubt it, but one can dream. He might have to pay a bond and wear an ankle bracelet to keep track of his whereabouts should he decide to flee the country.

Or he just may walk free without any restraints on his movements or lifestyle. It could happen. Anything is possible for this cult leader who owns the Republican Party. Rules and laws can't seem to contain him. He's an unnatural source trying to seize our system of government.

Still... a group of legal scholars published a model prosecution memo last week finding that Trump "should-and likely will-be charged" in the documents probe.

As it stands, we'll find out, one way or another, if America can stand up for its hard-earned freedoms, or if these are the last days of democracy.

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