Thursday, June 8, 2023

Trump Gets MAGA-Friendly Judge in Classified Documents Trial

After word got out (by Trump himself) that he was being indicted on seven criminal counts his loyal minions in Congress and around the country have declared war on our justice system.

There's more than one troubling aspect involved in the process going forward. Here's something to keep on eye on.
A Trump judge, Aileen Cannon, has been selected to initially oversee the criminal case against Trump. 

She's the MAGA-friendly judge that tried to shield him during the Mar-a-Lago investigation when she purposely tried to slow the whole process down. Her attempts were overthrown but not before proving she's loyal to Trump.

We still don't know what the exact charges are and won't until Tuesday when Trump is arraigned in a Miami Court. In the last 24 hours it's gone from 7 counts to 37 counts!

Information has been leaking throughout the day. Reports that Trump put our national security at risk by disclosing classified documents ranging from US weapon systems to nuclear capabilities and classified information on other countries are circulating through various medias. 

These are indeed dark times.

But they're also a time when democracy has stood up to the most corrupt president in our history. With accountability coming, Trump is not going to go quietly into the night. That ship has sailed in the last two state indictments.

The charges coming out of this classified document case will be devasting for Trump's political career regardless of what his cult members assert.

There's so much more to come. Make no mistake, this is history. 

It's something that's going to shake our republic to its foundations, but in the end, it'll stop the biggest threat to our country and show there are consequences for being a traitor.

As it stands, the world is watching to see if we preserve our democracy or sink into an autocracy.

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