Sunday, November 15, 2020

Nothing Is Ever Going To Be The Same - We're Just Going To Have To Move On


Pandemic Diary - Day 336

Dear Diary,

No home for the holidays this season. 

The pandemic that's surging through the country has no respect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah.

Family gatherings have become COVID-19 spreader events from coast-to-coast. Healthcare officials are pleading with families to scale down on their gatherings this fall.

Until there's a vaccine for the virus it's going to regulate how we live, like it, or not. Wearing face masks is not some passing fad, it's become the new normal in America in an effort to contain the virus.

Healthcare professionals are suggesting a vaccine won't be available to the majority of Americans until next fall. If then. When it does become available only half of Americans say they will get it.

The bottom line is everyone is going to have to adjust to a brave new world with restrictions on our most beloved activities. From live entertainment to sports stadiums with 40,000 fans (or more), human interaction on a large scale is a thing of the past.

Hugging and shaking hands with strangers in public is no longer proper etiquette - if you believe in science and the reality of what's happening around you.

There will always be people who will resist wearing face masks and not go along with public safety measures. I suspect their numbers will dwindle in the coming years.

As for the rest of us, we need to learn how to make the best of our new reality. There's always hope for better days if we're united in our efforts to survive.

Our traditions and celebrations will have to conform to these uncomfortable realities and make them more palatable. Adapting to our environment is also necessary if we want to be happy. That's one thing all Americans can do to improve their lives. 

We're a social species that will find workarounds to stay in touch with one another and to thrive once again some day.

Quote for the Day: "Adapt to your surrounding but remain flexible for growing." --Ashley Porter

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