Wednesday, November 18, 2020

From Russia With Love: Putin Puppet Trump Praised for Election Interference


Pandemic Diary - Day 339

Dear Diary,

I've obtained a copy of a secret letter from a source that shall remain unnamed (dated 11-7-20) from V. Putin to D. Trump, that I'm sharing with you today. Don't tell anyone okay?


Greetings from Moscow (future home of Trump Tower) to our favorite wannabee dictator Donald J. Trump

From the Desk of President Putin;

Dear Donnie  -may I continue to call you that in the years to come? - you have earned my highest praise for your efforts in the last four years of your presidency for chipping away at the laws and other foundations of freedom in America.

Your constant attacks against the Constitution and the judiciary systems, have instilled confusion in many people's minds... to my absolute delight!

Your ability to divide the nation has resulted in chaos at home, and abroad with America's allies. The world is laughing (but fearful) at what's been happening in the so-called "Land of the Free."

I have to say I'm particularly thrilled to see your scorched earth policies and actions during your last days in power. Backing US troops out of Afghanistan is a masterstroke of treachery that gives me goose bumps!

You have been such a loyal lackey I have commissioned a special medal for you featuring two lovely women pissing on you.

You know I never forgot that moment (my heart still skips a beat!) when my secret police informed me we had some serious leverage against a presidential candidate. 

My agents told me you readily agreed to sell your country out when they showed you the film of your little escapade with a couple of prostitutes' in Moscow when you brought the Miss Universe Beauty Contest to our fair city. 

Like I promised back then, you were elected, and the rest is history. Again, Congratulations for a job well done comrade! See you soon. Unless you go to prison first.

Still your master, Vladimir Putin


Quote for the Day: "A traitor leader is the outcome of a fool nation." -M.F.Moonzajer

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