Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Election Stress: It's Time to Take a Deep Breath and to Slowly Exhale


Pandemic Diary

Dear Diary,

Election stress is off the charts this chaotic cycle:

The anger. The lies. The steady increase of deaths from a pandemic out of control. A berserk president on a COVID-19 spreader tour across the country. 

Foreign powers trying to disrupt the election.

 A White House that admits it can't control the pandemic. 

A fight against systemic racism that's divided the country. Voter suppression and intimidation.


It's time to take a deep breath and to exhale slowly. Healthcare professionals point out there's scientific reasons why it's a good idea. It doesn't take a scientist to discover how good. Just try it.

That deep-cleaning breath will allow you to pause and bring down your blood pressure. Your brain will appreciate the temporary break. The very act stimulates your brain's reward system - giving you a shot of pleasurable dopamine.

Instead of reacting in anger to every horrible thing Trump says or does, just take a deep breath. When your done, if that doesn't help, go into hibernation until the election is over.

Quote for the Day: "No one can hurt me without my permission." --Mahatma Gandhi

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