Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 138: World Democracies Cringed, American's Groaned, Dictators Celebrated

Dear Diary, 

America, once on top of the world food chain, is now slipping as world leaders, ally or enemy, can see the planet's greatest democracy declining.


When Trump finally officially revealed he was going to contest the results of the upcoming election... a chill fell over the nation. GOP Senate and House members cringed and avoided reporters.

Then the orange anus argued the election should be delayed or it would be the "most inaccurate and fraudulent" vote in history.

That's when bells of alarm sounded off across the country as Americans got a dreadful confirmation that Trump was going to interfere with the electoral process.

Constitutional experts quickly pointed out that it's not possible to delay election day, but conceded Trump will do everything he can to discredit the election.

Meanwhile, world leaders are witnessing the destruction of a political system over 240-years old. Imagine what they thought when they heard the leader of the free world wanted to violate the Constitution so he could have more time for the economy to improve - and by proxy helping his re-elections chances.

Once the guiding light of democracies that valued equality and freedom, the USA's startling decline in just a few years has sown seeds of doubt, making it easier for fascists' and nationalists to take control when social unrest is threatening countries.

That's what happening in the world today. We have a global pandemic. Failing economies. Rising racism worldwide. And America doesn't have a true leader. 

Instead we have to contend with a narcissist whose losing in all of the pre-election polls, and melting down before our very eyes when he gives briefings at the White House. I just couldn't squeeze out a tear for Donny when he complained everyone likes and trusts Dr. Fauci, but not him.

Trump's open defiance against our Constitution is rattling democracies across the globe. It's rattling the Republican Party, which up to now has been a pool of jellyfish in his destructive wake.

Trump knows words matter. He's a con man, first and foremost.

With the biggest bully pulpit in the world he promotes conspiracies' and racism to keep his alt right base intact, gambling they will carry him to victory in November. 

Because he has limited brain capacity and doesn't believe in polls that don't favor him, Trump thinks his followers outnumber the rest of the United States. I hope he goes right on thinking that.

Quote for the Day: "I wonder if being sane means disregarding the chaos that is life, pretending only an infinitesimal segment of it is reality." -Rabih Alameddine

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