Friday, July 31, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 137: Yesterday Was a Huge Day of Contrasts

Dear Diary,

What a day of contrasts yesterday was.

While President Barack Obama eulogized civil rights icon, John Lewis, before the congressman's body was laid to rest in Atlanta, Trump was tweeting about his new bill to save suburbia from invading people of color and restoring The American Dream circa 1955.

When the news broke that the US economy contracted at a 32 percent annual rate from April through June, its worst drop on record according to an announcement from the Bureau of Economic Analysis yesterday, Trump tweeted a few minutes later about delaying the election "until it's safe to vote."

Top Republicans, and rank and file, actually turned on Trump when he suggested delaying the election. Even McConnell said, "No. It's carved in stone." The possibility of Trump trying to pull a stunt like that was accurately predicted by Joe Biden in April.

When President Obama spoke out strongly against Trump's efforts to suppress voters in November there was a standing ovation. It was one of those moments that reminded me what a great orator President Obama is.

Meanwhile, while extended stimulus benefits were desperately needed (they ran out today), Senate Republicans couldn't agree among themselves what they wanted in the proposed stimulus relief bill. 

As those disgruntled Republican senators leave today - for another break from work - while millions of Americans are being evicted from their homes, there's no relief in sight. 

In contrast, The House passed a bill 10 weeks ago - The Heroes Act - that addressed the needs of every American during this pandemic.

The contrast between Trump promoting a wacko who claims hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19 and that our doctors use alien DNA to keep people from being religious, with Dr. Fauci and a whole raft of other healthcare officials was stark.

Yesterday was about Looney Tunes versus science. Fake News versus facts. It was about a president so far in over his toupee that he's bragging about dementia test scores. 

It was a bad day for Republican face mask rebellion. Herman Cain, a former GOP presidential candidate, died after getting the coronavirus because he didn't wear a face mask at Trump's super spreader event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Another top face mask denier, Sen. Republican from Texas, Louie Gohmert, tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, just before getting on Air Force One with Trump for a campaign event where no one would be wearing face masks.

When the news became public it unleashed a fusillade of anger on Capitol Hill - a sudden release of built-up tension over how the institution has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic within the confines of its own workplace. 

I know everyday has been a day of contrasts since the pandemic first infected America. For reasons stated above, I feel like yesterday was a turning point. The stark contrast between fact and fiction was never more apparent.

Quote for the Day: "Nothing exists without its opposite." -Chris Crutcher

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