Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 135: Trump and Barr are Planning an 'October Surprise'

Dear Diary,

Trump is doing everything he can to come up with a repeat of his 2016 October Surprise

This time, with the help of his toady AG Barr, Trump hopes to come up with a magic bullet - a damning indictment - against Mueller's Russian investigation by claiming Democrats spied on him during the 2016 election.

Barr's appointed hitman for the counter Russian probe is John Durham, a U.S. Attorney. It's his job to come up with a whopper by the end of the summer that's so spectacular people are going to change their minds about Trump's lies and vote for him, believing he was a victim of a Democratic conspiracy.

It's important to remember that Mueller's investigation yielded no evidence of a criminal conspiracy. 

Despite that, Barr appointed Durham to investigate the origins of the FBI's original Russian probe at Trump's urging. 

The con man, and serial liar extraordinaire, is gambling that Americans can be fooled enough to vote for him at the last moment. What else does he have? Polls show him sinking in popularity daily.

I'm going on record here to say Durham's findings (if he has them ready by October - there are those who don't think he'll be ready until late December) WON'T have a major impact on the election.
Note, I didn't say there wouldn't be an October Surprise of some kind however.

Trump golf buddy, and super hypocrite, Lindsey Graham, is doing his best to produce some shit on Joe, or Hunter Biden that may shock the world. 

Graham has been a busy little suck ass lately and his committee will undoubtedly come up with some trumped-up bullshit story. Again, even if he does, it's a desperate gamble that probably won't work.

Now there is a strong possibility the Russians will come to his aide again. That China will aggressively influence the election through cyberspace. Anything is possible. It's the one thing I've learned from covering politics for decades.

I have no choice but to hope that Trump loses, in spite of the nasty shit I know he's capable of. 

Quote for the Day: "Plotting is an organic, and wildly inefficient process of trial and error." -James Hyne

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