Sunday, July 26, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 132: Trump is Prodding the Country... into a Civil War!

Dear Diary,

By injecting unmarked goons into Portland's protests last week Trump threw out the gauntlet and angry Americans replied by increasing the size of their protests. Especially, in Portland.

That's just what Trump wanted. Chaos followed by a so-called Law and Order agenda by the most corrupt POTUS in history. Sending special paramilitary units to Portland from Homeland Security was meant to provoke heated protests.

It worked.

Portland is now a powder keg waiting to blow up anytime. Human walls of moms, dads, and veterans stand between the protestors and Trump's goons daily. 

Meanwhile, black community leaders in Portland are urging local protestors to shift the focus of demonstrations back to the Black Lives Matter movement and away from what has become a largely "white spectacle."

The Portland NAACP has repeatedly denounced the actions of federal forces in Portland but has also criticized "mostly white anarchists" for inciting violence during the protests.

Various stakeholders with agendas are protesting in Portland making it difficult to sort out exactly what's happening from week-to-week in the last two months.

When Trump sent his "little green men" into the mix the focus of the protest quickly shifted from BLM to "Feds Go Home!"

The ultimate goal, as I see it, is to divide Americans so badly by pitting liberals versus conservatives (actually Trump supporters) that street warfare breaks out across the nation. 

Then, like the Lone Ranger wearing his newly adopted face mask, Trump will ride in and declare martial law, effectively seizing the Democratic states that have been defying him.

Quote for the Day; "To a mankind that recognizes the equality of man everywhere, every war becomes a civil war." -Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

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