Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 136: Trump Has Finally Found a 'Doctor' As Crazy As Him

Dear Diary,
I'm imagining
Trump's initial reaction when he first heard Stella Immanuel praising his favorite drug hydroxychloroquine, and claiming it would cure COVID-19.

It was love at first listen. He claimed he didn't know who she was but told reporters "She was spectacular and sounded important," as if that was all that was needed to be credible.

For reasons only the voices in his head know, Trump has relapsed on pretending that he believes in science and is back to pushing discredited hydroxychloroquine as a useful therapeutic for people who have the coronavirus.

When Trump heard more from reporters about Stella and a clutch of questionable doctors pushing his favorite snake oil remedy, he complained that they were unfairly taken off the social media sites for sharing their opinion on something. 

His own stupid son Don Jr., posted a video on Twitter showing Stella and her gang of deniers wearing white lab coats. It was quickly shut down for sharing false information that endangered people's lives. Facebook and YouTube also quickly clamped down on Immanuel's misinformation.

I watched Trump's face twist into a tortured pretzel 
the other day when reporters told him about who Stella was. When he heard enough he waddled off in a huff.
To summarize
**Stella Immanuel was born in Cameroon and got her "medical degree" from a university in Nigeria in 1990. Unfortunately she doesn't list which one.

** Immanuel made videos saying that doctors make medicine using DNA from aliens, and that they're trying to create a vaccine to make you immune from becoming religious.

**She describes herself as a prophet of God and runs a little cult called Firepower Ministries. She describes herself as God's Battle Ax and Weapon of War." She also refers to herself as a "Deliverance Minister."  

**She's a big TRUMP SUPPORTER and tweeted a photo of Trump with the caption "Acquitted!" after senate Republicans let him get away with his crimes earlier this year.

It's interesting how Trump claimed he didn't know her. Anyone who supported him after impeachment would have been on his radar. Especially, on twitter.

**She's anti-homosexual and says they're all sinners.

**She preaches that some ailments are a result of people having sexual relations with demons and witches in their dreams.

In other words...

She's perfect for Trump. A doctor willing to ignore science and who adores him. In the end, no matter how this whole mess turns out, I think the two will end up being friends for life...

or at least until she pisses him off, and he shed's her like a snake's skin.

Quote for the Day; "Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time." -Haruki Murakami 

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