Saturday, August 22, 2020

House Passes USPS Legislation: How Will 'Moscow' Mitch Respond?

Pandemic Diary
Day 159

Dear Diary,

UPDATE 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time
House passes legislation to prevent any further changes to USPS and to provide $25 million in funding

Sounds like relief may be in sight. 

But, I wouldn't bet on it. Under Moscow Mitch, the Senate probably won't even look at the proposed legislation that would go a long way in protecting mail-in votes.

Meanwhile Trump is beating on his fraudulent voting drum without any evidence to back it up. His attempts at voter suppression are getting bolder every day. Still, Republicans are turning their heads the other way, because they fear our wannabe dictator.

This is a pretty shitty position for the world's leading democracy to be in. Frankly, it's our own fault. Americans elected the worst enemy of democracy ever to foul the White House. With Russia's help.

The voters who decided not to vote in 2016 now have a good reason to vote; to protect the nation. 

The challenge is clear to everyone except Trump's demented followers who approve of his dismantling everything America has stood for in 245 years.

Quote for the Day: "Human nature is not a problem that can be fixed by rules and regulations. All solutions to the existing problems must be based on how people behave, not on how we think they should behave." -Kirk Chisholm

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