Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 156: On Miracle Cures and the 'Infection' in the White House

Dear Diary,

Pitchman, Mike Lindell (left) MyPillow creator and mega Trump donor, is offering a miracle cure for COVID-19.

Lindell (whose F credit rating in Minnesota after pushing another fraudulent cure and settling out of court for a million bucks), got a boost yesterday from Trump when he announced his new miracle cure for COVID-19.
                            How did this happen?

Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, and fellow miracle drug advocate

(He was forced by the FDA to quit promoting a wonder drug before being selected by Trump),
 met with fellow pitchman Lindell - and it was love at first sight.

The meeting between the GOP megadonor and Trump ally resulted in sharing an experimental botanical extract with his Nibs (the greatest of all pitchman), who gleefully endorsed it during one of his briefing/mini rallies, yesterday.

Trump who has been desperately searching for an easy way out of the coronavirus crisis since it started, "expressed enthusiasm," for the new miracle extract called Oleandrin, which is made from the deadly oleander plant. A little bit can kill you.

I should point out that the drug has no peer-reviewed articles or tests regarding its efficiency, or safety. Frankly, this trio of pitchman is the perfect example of one of many infections that permeate the West Wing. Trump. Lindell. Carson. All truth deniers.

The only way to disinfect the White House is coming up in 76 days - voting Trump's ass out of office on November 3rd.

Quote for the Day: "The ignorant hope they never get COVID-19 and the wise prepare for a possible future infection." -Steve Magee

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