Sunday, August 23, 2020

American Carnage: RNC Set for Four Days of Dystopian Dialogue

Pandemic Diary
Day 160

Dear Diary,

Next week is going to be more surreal than ever as the Republican National Convention gets ready to flood the airways with lies and conspiracies' beginning on Monday.

The first and foremost thing to remember is that every aspect (no matter how small) of the planned four-day alt-right festival will have Trump's tiny hands on it.

The theme for this four-ring circus ought to be "American Carnage." Some may remember Trump's inauguration speech where he laid out a picture of an apocalyptic America waiting to be saved by himself - the chosen one.

He's dusting off that lie and parading it around proudly in the overall message he wants Americans to embrace while drinking Kool aide and watching his TV extravaganza.

Using the White House as a background for his political propaganda is deeply wrong and unethical. But the spineless GOP cowards in the House and Senate have been silent because they sold their souls to Trump.

Here's just two of the caliber of guests who'll be featured during the freak show:

(1) Remember that St. Louis couple who gained national attention after photos and a video showed them brandishing weapons (he with a semi-automatic rifle, and she with a pistol) at peaceful protestors marching by their house?

Their names are Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and they were charged with unlawful use of a weapon. Mark McCloskey is slated to be a special speaker at the RNC.

(2) Another memory lane moron whose invited to speak at the RNC is that grinning little smartass Covington Catholic High School (former student), Nicholas Sandmann.

The viral photo of him smirking in the face of an elderly Native American will always be an example of the Trump Youth Movement that's infected some schools. 

The overall RNC message will clearly lay out a culture war and a case for dividing Americans. In the end the big message is "only Trump can fix it." Whatever "it" is.

What a contrast to the Democratic National Convention last week where the theme was unity.

Quote for the Day: "This battle will not be won with a few of the strong holding against the tide of tyranny, but with fists raised in unity to build an indestructible wall against the tide, forcing it away from our shores." -Starr Z. Davies

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