Sunday, August 16, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 153: Coronavirus Vignettes

Dear Diary,

In order to give a fuller picture of life during this pandemic, I've chosen a series of vignettes to illustrate the many new realities and challenges Americans faced.

Face Masks/Social Distancing
Three women beat up a 17-year old hostess last week at Chili's Restaurant in Louisiana after she attempted to enforce the business' COVID-19 social distancing policies.

Two angry men attacked Trader Joe's employees in a Manhattan store after the customers refused to wear face masks.

An employee at McDonald's was grabbed and assaulted by a customer after she told him he would have to wear a mask in the drive-thru.

A woman traveling to Las Vegas struck an American Airlines employee after she was denied boarding for not wearing a mask.

Going Back to School
Health experts say children make up more than 7 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the US-while comprising about 22 percent of the country's population.
Infection rates are growing steadily as schools attempt to reopen.

A Georgia school district had to quarantine 900 students and staff members because of possible exposure to the coronavirus. 
The hard hit school had a photo (shown here) of students walking in a hallway without face masks that went viral on the net.

Classes were set to start tomorrow in a school district outside Phoenix, Arizona, but were canceled after teachers staged a "sick out" in protest.

Judge sets hearing in Florida School Reopening Lawsuit. This coming Thursday there'll be a hearing about Education Commissioner's mandate that school reopen campuses.

The Florida Education Association teacher's union is challenging the mandate alleging it violates the State Constitution guarding Floridians right to safe and secure public education.

Top News Article 
The postal service inspector general is reviewing recently appointed Postmaster DeJoy's policy changes and ethics violations. 
Lawmakers from both parties and postal union leaders have been sounding the alarm about the major Trump donor's intention to slow down the postal service prior to the November elections, in a blatant effort to help Trump discredit the mail-in process.

Quote for the Day: "Remember: a story is not a vignette. It has a beginning, middle, and end. It is not merely a snapshot in time." -Chuck Wendig

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