Saturday, May 16, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 61: Breaking News! Grim Reaper Ready to Liberate Trumplicans

Dear Diary,

As more pro-Trump groups organize protests (basically Trump rallies) around the country against COVID-19 safety regulations in each state, the Grim Reaper is rubbing his boney hands together in satisfaction.

And why not?

Trump's supporters are happily drinking the orange Kool aid he passes out daily. Watching Trumplicans pack bars in Wisconsin with no masks and social-distancing is like watching unwary seals cavorting near a school of sharks.

There will be blood.

Trump is convincing some people that they need to be "liberated" from those nasty coronavirus regulations (put out by his own administration) which are:
(Take your pick)
a.  A hoax
b. The Democrats way of winning the election by ruining the economy, or
c. Because the rules are too draconian, threatening their freedom to infect others and get their hair cut.

We're in for one hell of a winter
The Grim Reaper is looking forward to unleashing the pandemic again (because the states are coming out too soon), coupled with the addition of the annual winter flu virus.

The oncoming double whammy was described, by recently fired whistleblower Rick Bright, a Health and Human Services official who testified before Congress that America may be in for the "Darkest Winter" in modern history.

Deadly fiction, deadly facts
Trump declared Friday, "Vaccine, or no vaccine, we're back!"

Regardless of the advise of top healthcare officials urging for more testing, Trump has decided he's going to "liberate Americans" to go back to their normal way of life.

No masks. No social distancing. No liability for manufacturers whose employees who will be dropping like flies from COVID-19. 

No regard for the most vulnerable people in the population who have to work on the front lines, and who risk bringing the coronavirus home to their family every day.

Americans have a choice. They can listen to the healthcare experts and follow safety guidelines, or they can take their chances of becoming infected, or infecting others, and pretend the pandemic is going away... because Trump said so.

Time will tell whose right, and whose wrong. Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper is ready to receive an influx of Republicans and Trump cult followers in the weeks and months ahead.
On the Homefront- Medford, Oregon
**Grim stats - There's been 3,500 cases of the novel coronavirus in the state, and the death count has gone up to 137.

**Opening slowly- Unlike Trump's feeble guidelines for opening up the country, Gov. Kate Brown has unveiled a comprehensive state plan detailing how to slowly and safely open up retail businesses, gyms, and even malls.

Today is Day One for re-opening Oregon. I really hope it works out, but I also realize that if people don't practice safety by wearing face masks and social distancing, we could end up shuttering the state down again.

Quote for the day; "Whether it's personal foibles or a bureaucrat's ego, the stubborn defense of stupidity is unforgivable." -Stewart Stafford 

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