Saturday, February 29, 2020

Trump 'The Chosen One' Talks About the Coronavirus and Miracles

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If you're a Christian, the reports that Jesus performed miracles are believable.

If you're a Trump supporter, the reports about the coronavirus being fake news is believable, because Trump promised the deadly infectious disease "was going to go away like a miracle" in a press conference recently.

The fact of the matter is Trump is trying to tamp down on the disease's progress by putting his puppet Pence in charge of a disinformation campaign designed to filter the truth out of public announcements.

Trump is taking the coronavirus personally, convinced that the whole thing is a scam to hurt his reelection efforts. Truth is being suffocated in the wasteland of The Trump White House once again.

Now Trump - the Chosen One - is asking his disciples to downplay the dangers that the coronavirus poses to the safety of every person in our country.

Ignoring the reality around him, Trump is blaming the crashing stock market on the Democrats instead of the pending pandemic sweeping the globe.

It's all the Chosen One knows. Pick a foil and blame them for his own stupidity.

The line between fact and fiction has been crossed by Trump and his minions who are trying to downplay the health crisis that's unraveling as I write this post.

Fair Warning

You can only mock reality for so long... before it kicks your ass!

I don't wish this horrible virus on anyone, but when Republicans start dying from the disease they may want to reconsider following a false prophet!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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