Thursday, February 27, 2020

Be Calm: Trump Makes it Clear That Democrats Caused the Coronavirus But He'll 'Fix It'

Good Day World!

I certainly don't feel reassured.

Trump's speech yesterday to reassure Americans there's nothing to worry about despite the spreading pandemic that's in six of the earth's seven continents, went over like a lead balloon.

For starters, who believes the Lord of the Lies? Trump's perfect record of lying everyday since he was elected hasn't gone unnoticed.

Then there's that pesky propaganda Trump is pushing about the democrats and the mainstream media overreacting to the spread of the deadly coronavirus and "spooking the market."

Thus far, Trump's crooked regime has only grudgingly offered $ 2.5 Billion to combat the infectious disease instead of the $ 8.5 Billion recommended by Congress.

The fact is, no amount of political rhetoric will over-trump the science of what the nation is facing. Past presidents have used these times of national emergency to bring the country together.

Not Trump.

He has already shown us that's not the case with him. There's always someone, or something, to blame when he's actually the cause of the problem. 

In this case, it's the democrats and the mainstream media for pointing out how woefully unprepared we are to meet a major health challenge under his regime.

To bring that point home Trump's minions have proposed to slash (a 19 percent reduction) the Center for Disease Control's budget during this time of impending crisis.

In Trump's rambling rant yesterday to the nation he claimed US scientists are "very close" to a vaccine... which is bullshit!

As Trump continues to downplay adversities (big and small) while campaigning for reelection, it's clear that he's more interested in getting another term in the White House than he is in the loss of American lives.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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