Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Will Democrats Lose the Election in November Because of a Toxic Label?

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When I grew up during the Cold War the term Socialist was interchangeable with Communist. The enemy.

Today, Millennials don't think the term Democratic Socialist is a bad label. But their parents still see the term socialist (in any context) as un-American.

In a recent article by William Saletan for Slate, the data described sounds like bad news for Democrats if they do go with Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Democratic Socialist.

One of the articles most important points was that data shows Independents are less likely to vote for a socialist. The other point was the democratic candidate absolutely NEEDS as many Independents as it can get to beat Trump.

Last time, in 2016, Trump carried more Independents than the Democrats, helping Trump (along with other factors like the Russian's) beat Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sander's campaign is gathering speed every day as he leads in delegates going into the South Carolina primaries.

The democratic establishment wants a moderate candidate like Biden, Buttigieg, or Klobuchar, because they believe Independents are more likely to vote for one of them. 

But what if Bernie wins the majority of delegates by a landslide? Will the party support him in the convention, or contest his majority and go with a moderate?

There's no upside to that possibility. Divided, the party won't stand, and it's candidate won't be able to defeat Trump in the general election.

Who knows? maybe the polls are wrong and Independents will be able to swallow their dislike for a socialist candidate in order to defeat Trump?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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