Monday, February 24, 2020

Trump's India Visit is His Biggest Photo Op Ever!

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It's taken weeks of planning to arrive at todays photo shoot.

The White House billed it as Trump's first official visit to India.

Trump aides went to Ahmedabad, India, the home base of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, weeks ago to help set up the logistics for Trump's arrival.

Trump and Modi are buddies and fellow showmen. Both love a spectacle, and having Trump at the inauguration of the world's largest cricket stadium - Motera Stadium - (with seating for a 110 thousand people) is pure Hollywood gold.

The official bullshit is Trump's there to work on their poor trade relations, but don't expect any kind of breakthrough. However, that's not to say the two leaders haven't gotten other mutual interests.

Like Trump Tower going up in Mumbai and other real estate ventures.

The Trump organization is planning on going bigger in the future and Modi wants the business. 

That's why Modi is spending one-and-a-half percent of the nation's annual budget to butter Trump up.

Trump's Indian host made sure he doesn't see the poverty that plague's the world's largest democracy by building a quarter-mile long wall from the airport to the stadium. It's no secret Trump loves walls.

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