Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Cononavirus Contained in America? Who Do You Believe? Trump, or Health Authorities?

Good Day World!

Trump claims the Cononavirus won't affect Americans any more than it has.

Department heads from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention are warning Americans to be prepared for a likely outbreak.

Which source do you believe?

Our serial liar of a president, or knowledgeable experts on the subject?

Trump's minions, like National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, are willingly following Trump's bogus claim.

How typical.

"Nothing to see here folks... just move on."

This is where America's currently at; we're watching an oncoming train and the president of the United States is more worried what business will be lost (so he lies) instead of showing concern for the safety of every American in the nation.

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It's that bad. 

Trump's reluctance to share the truth is well established, and this time his stubbornness may cause deaths. His hunger for power and wealth has been taking the country to dark places.

In this case, Americans are going to have to decide for themselves on the proper course to take.

They sure aren't getting any sensible direction from the Divider in Chief.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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