Sunday, February 23, 2020

Feeling the 'Bern' in Nevada: Sanders Is Setting the Democractic Establishment on Fire

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It rained off-and-on in Las Vegas yesterday, but that didn't seem to bother Sanders supporters attending the Democratic primary.

The emerging story today tells a tale that moderate Democrats don't want to hear; voters are feeling the "Bern," picking Sanders as their choice for president in Nevada.

That moderates like Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar didn't do as good as they should have, especially in a diversely populated state, has to be a concern for establishment Democrats.

A Populist, Bernie Sanders was the big story. One interesting sidebar to his story is that 3-in-5 voters made their mind up before yesterday's primaries.

The Democratic National Party is facing a dilemma it hoped to avoid; a growing split in the party between moderates and the far left.

The prevailing thought is that a self-avowed socialist will get pummeled by Trump because he'd be the perfect foil for him and his cult followers.

When a House Intelligence Committee warned that the Russians wanted Trump reelected, and were supporting Berni Sanders as his opponent, Democratic leaders were faced with another unwanted narrative... 

Bernie Sanders won't stand a chance against Trump and that's why his campaign and the Russians are promoting him. How do you deal with that little fire?

Because Sanders took the majority of the Hispanic vote (with Biden a distant second) DNC leaders can't ignore that important demographic if they want to win states like Nevada.

Anyone who saw Sander's rally in Texas yesterday, as he was winning the Nevada vote, couldn't help but see the enthusiasm of the huge audience he was addressing.

It almost looked like a Trump rally, with the exception that most at Bernie's rally live in the real world

Fact: No other Democrat has been able to generate such large and enthusiastic audiences. No other Democrat has more individual donors than Bernie.   

The DNC can't just ignore the groundswell of support that Sanders has been enjoying because their afraid of his socialist tag. No matter who runs against Trump, he'll find something to attack them on.

There's a long ways to go yet before Super Tuesday and the remainder of the other primaries are over. Lot's can happen. 

The one thing that shouldn't happen is the DNC working against Bernie because they can't overcome their assumption that only a moderate can beat Trump.

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The key to beating Trump is having a united front. If Democrats are really serious about winning they may have to think outside the box to beat such an unorthodox opponent.

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