Friday, July 12, 2019

Looming Budget Battle: Where Have All The Republicans Gone?

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Looking ahead to 2020s elections there's going to be a new dynamic - Democrats will be running against Trumplicans.

The day that the Donald was sworn in was the Republican Party's last stand. His populist/fascist appeal, with lots of help from Putin and voter suppression (gerrymandering), was the day the Republicans prostrated themselves before his orangeness.

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The surrender was swift, utterly disgraceful, and complete, as Republicans who stood up to Trump during the primaries (think Cruz) dropped down and began polishing Trump's shoes after he won.

Whatever values the GOP once stood for were crushed beneath a reality star and a world-class con man. The pathetic peeps of protest coming from the lockstep GOP senators in the last two-and-half years have been embarrassing.

The fiscal responsibilities the GOP once touted have melted into a morass of financial fails under the Trumplicans. The country is about to experience another big fail from the Party of Trump; a budget has to be passed before Oct. 1, 2019 or...guess what?

Another shut down this year.

They need to raise the federal debt limit to avoid ending the year in utter chaos. The problem is the Trumplicans in the senate can't seem to come up with a plan that satisfies the orange anus, let alone the Democrats.

Because the Trumplicans are an extension of Trump's tiny dick they're prepared to back whatever crazy shit he proposes. We've seen the end result from his idiocy earlier this year.

I never imagined that some day I would actually miss the Republican Party! The thing was, in the end they were more likely to compromise than the sociopaths in the Trumplican Party.

There was a time when the two parties did pass laws. That's sad, because Republicans evolved into the obstructionist party (under Obama), and even sadder that they prostrated themselves before a wannabe dictator and took up his racist world view.

The Party of Lincoln has lapsed into a cult that defies Congress and the Constitution. Ethics are laughed at, and defied daily by Trump, and his administration minions.

What will happen after Trump is gone? What will the scattered remnants of the cowardly members of the GOP do? 

Without a leader, they'll be wandering around on Capitol Hill like lost sheep.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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