Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Trump's Ongoing Battle With Critics: Who Is Winning the War of Words?

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Trump has critics all over the world. Deservedly so.

When the word got out that Britain's ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch,  was sending negative reports about the Trump administration back home, the shit hit the fan!

We now know for sure, what our main ally thinks about Trump. Darroch wrote that the Trump administration was "inept" and he didn't see any improvement down the road.

Trump's response was predictable, as he attacked England as a whole, and the ambassador who dissed him. He refused to let him come back as a representative of England.

Was this a win for Trump? I don't think so, but it could be argued it was.

Once again, Trump tried to silence his critics online by banning them from his Twitter account, but a three-judge panel ruled today that it was an infringement on the critics 1st Amendment rights.

This was a loss for Trump. No matter how he spins it.
Trump's critics are legion and growing by the day. Trump can't keep defying the Constitution, and the laws of the land, and expect no one will criticize his actions.

Congress is looking at Trump's connection today to a billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta (who cut a sweetheart deal with Epstein in 2008 while a government lawyer and was later promoted by Trump to his current position).

This morning, Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, called for Acosta to resign from his position over the plea deal he gave multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein after an indictment charged Epstein with operating a sex trafficking ring was unsealed this week.

Trump's standard response to the scandal was typical. He didn't condemn Epstein because he "didn't know all the details." 

He went one step further and had his favorite loudmouth, Kellyanne Conway, tell the press this morning that Trump hadn't spoken with Epstein in "10 to 15 years." Like that somehow exonerated him from befriending a notorious pedophile.

Trump's ongoing battle with his critics is one of the defining acts of his administration. His domestic policy for dealing with critics has long been a point of contention between him and the mainstream press.

In order to silence the press he's been campaigning on the idea that everything they say about him that's not positive, is fake news.

It's not really clear whose winning the war of words, but we can expect this assault on our institutions to continue until Trump is chased out of office.
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