Monday, July 8, 2019

'Hi Kids!' Welcome To Mr. Trump's Neighborhood

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, COFFEE and acceptance…The SIX stages of waking up!!”
- Comic Strip Mama

Good Day World!

I was thinking about
the days of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Remember him? Two words emerge when thinking about the message his children's show had; peace, and mutual respect.

Just for kicks, let's see what's happened since Mr. Roger's Neighborhood went off the air in 2001.

It became a slum around 2015 when a certain lowlife con man took over. Donald Trump. Here's the 2019 version of our ongoing reality show for American kids.

Mr. Trump's Neighborhood

Trump waddles into a classroom where kids are seated and wearing MAGA hats...

"Hi kids! Have you watched an immigrant family get locked up yet today?"

There's a muted response and forced smiles, "Yes, Mr. Trump," they hesitantly answer.

"Oh c'mon now! You little bastards can do better than that! Who wants to end up in a lib re-education camp?"

The assembled children, really frightened now, scream "Yes! Mr. Trump!"

Trump: "That's better.  Now, today we're going to talk about airports during the Revolutionary War and how Washington stormed the ramparts of Ft. McTrump."

Five minutes later Attorney General William Barr hops into the classroom on a pogo stick wearing a clown costume.

Trump: "Oh, look kids! It's Mr. Bo Barr the Clown! I wonder what he wants?"

Barr hops off the pogo stick, promptly lands face down, and then looks up adoringly at Trump whose watching with obvious amusement.

Barr: "Bigly news, master!

Trump: "I told you not to call me that in public, you moron. What is it?"

Barr: "I've assembled a crew of unscrupulous lawyers ready to defy the Supreme Court's decision against the census question!"

Trump: (delighted) "Whose a good boy? Look here, kids (pats Barr on the head) Who wants to pet the good boy's head?"

The children sit silently praying they don't have to respond. But Trump is already moving on to another subject...

By the time the episode is over all of the children are huddled in a corner of the classroom suppressing sobs of fear, as they clutch handouts of images of children in cages taken on America's southern border.

Trump: "That's it for today kiddos! Tomorrow your favorite president has a special surprise in store for you! Jeffrey Epstein, your favorite president's friend, is going to stop by a give a talk about young love. Won't that be fun?"

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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